Sony Reader: 505 Versus 700 Screen

Over at MobileRead, people are getting the Sony Reader PRS-700 they’ve ordered.

There are some pictures up.

Look at this one.

You decide.

Update: Another picture, very close.

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4 Comments on “Sony Reader: 505 Versus 700 Screen”

  1. BevQB Says:

    Well, hell. NOW what am I gonna do? I was so counting on the 700, but that last close-up picture is just flat out nasty.

    In addition, while I was a bit concerned about screen scratches before reading through the MobileRead forum, now I’m even more concerned because it is mentioned that the 700 has a plastic screen. I know what a stylus does to a PDA screen without a screen protector. So I wonder if there will there be screen protectors available for the 700. If not, that screen just isn’t going to last long. Even hoping that the “keys” on the on-screen keyboard are large enough to hit with thumbs instead of using the stylus, there is still going to be wear visible on the screen after a fairly short time.

    Ah well, the search for the perfect (or at least near perfect) eReader continues. You know, if only they’d just listen to those of us who will actually be using the damn things.

  2. mikecane Says:

    Don’t forget that you are looking at a very enlarged image there. And a photo. Photos can do strange things to reality.

    Yeah, I’ve wondered about screen scratching myself. Which is why I’d shy away from that stylus as much as possible and use my fingers. Yes, the keyboard keys are large enough to use with fingertips. The only time the stylus is really needed is for highlighting — notes and search and, um, highlighting.

    I don’t think Sony is at any fault here. They don’t tend to make junk. I’m sure after they ran through all the tech permutations, what was left for the 700 screen was the best that could be done. Let’s see what that Plastic Logic screen is like when it’s out in the wild — it has a touchscreen too.

    I still debate Red 505 vs the 700. But I have to say that the speediness and other features of the 700 really trump any screen issues people might see.

  3. BevQB Says:

    Well, I don’t think I’ll completely rule out the 700 just yet. I’m hoping Borders will have one to play with like they now have the 505. Honestly, though, if I didn’t want the ability to enter text, I’d go ahead and get the lower priced 505 for now and then sit back and keep an eye out for some of the emerging technologies. The Pixel Qi screen sounds like it has some real potential. I’m not sure that the Plastic Logic product interests me much. It’s too big to just drop into my purse. Now, if they come up with one that rolls up like a scroll? Oh, I’ll be all over that.

  4. mikecane Says:

    Plastic has fatigue, just like metal. Roll it enough times and it’ll develop stress points, crack, and break. This is why the Readius has never excited me.

    Well, that and its lousy lo-res Pocket PC-resolution screen too.

    Borders should be getting the 700 in, in a few weeks, I think. Check Sony’s site for more Reader Revolutionary events. I’m certain some of them will demonstrate the 700 in time for Xmas shopping (economy willing!).

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