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I don’t know what this is. It allegedly has free downloadable eBooks, but my one search turned up a series of scanned pages from a printed book, not an entire book.

The interface is the worst: Just a search box. Search for what?! Give me a list of Authors so I can browse.

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2 Comments on “Reference: Ultrapedia”

  1. ultrapedia Says:

    Hiya Mike ;-)

    I’m a developer at Ultrapedia, and you’re right about the missing browse function. We took it offline last week because of loading problems while we focus on developing the search capabilities of the library.

    So far we have OCR’d about 50 thousand books, or about 6 million pages of text.

    Try entering the name of an author (shakespeare etc.) into the text box – or enter a subject (roman empire)

    Select a book you like from the results, then select ‘Quick View’ for an indexed version of the book, or PDF or HTML view.

    We will have a browse function running again shortly.

    Thanks for looking at Ultrapedia,


  2. mikecane Says:

    Thanks for clearing up that mystery!

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