The Topic Of Covers … Again!

The Book Design Review is something I should have linked to a while ago.

I want to point out a particular post: Outliers

Look at that cover carefully.

If you didn’t notice what’s pointed out here:

But this can’t be final. Look at the kerning in the title. This can’t be final…can it? A reader asks “rs is outlying?” Could be, but “success” seems pretty poorly kerned as well…

— then don’t do your own cover!

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2 Comments on “The Topic Of Covers … Again!”

  1. zoewinters Says:

    holy crap! I looked at that and it instantly looked wrong. Which, I should talk because I know the kerning isn’t perfect on KEPT, but I haven’t totally decided not to fix that, either. But either way, it’s not as dramatic.

    I didn’t notice “success” nearly as much. You’ve got an eagle eye for this shit.

  2. mikecane Says:

    No. You give me too much credit. I’ve seen the cover several times and didn’t notice *any* of it. Which is why I wouldn’t do my own cover, even though I have training to do so (as in, training to do so BADLY, compared to someone who *makes their entire living* doing that).

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