WHY Freedom Of Speech MATTERS, Dammit! Part Three

Blogger jailed for 20 years over poem that mocked Burmese dictator

A young blogger and a writer who disguised an attack on the country’s dictator in the form of a love poem have received heavy jail sentences, in the latest blow to opponents of Burma’s military dictatorship.

Nay Myo Kyaw, a 28-year old man who blogged under the name Nay Phone Latt, was sentenced to 20 years and six months in jail by a court in Rangoon.

The poet, Saw Wai, received a two year sentence for an eight-line Valentine’s Day verse published in a popular magazine. Even the lawyer representing the two men, Aung Thein, has been sent down for four months for “contempt of court” during his defence.

Emphasis added by me.

Let me show you how it’s done in America.

Senior General Than Shwe: You fat ugly bastard. What venereal-infected cunt spewed out your mutant form? Is there any way we can shove you back in? With a face like that, do you sometimes mistakenly wipe it instead of your ass after taking a shit? Drop dead, motherfucker!

Come and get me, Burma!

Oh, wait. But here I am safe in America. That’s unfair, all of you say. Ohhhkay…

President Bush: You fucking incompetent waste of human life. You’ve destroyed New Orleans, you’ve murdered countless innocent Iraqis, you’ve mocked and subverted and just about destroyed the ideals of this nation as embodied in our Constitution, and you’re still hellbent on Mission Accomplished by doling out unaccounted trillions of dollars to all the pinstriped whores who line up to suck your impotent dick which even God Himself could never again make stiff. Please do the right thing and shoot yourself dead the day after you leave office. We shouldn’t have to bear the expense of a trial for your war crimes and waste perfectly good rope hanging your traitorous motherfucking ass.

Come and try to give me twenty years.

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WHY Freedom Of Speech MATTERS, Dammit!

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