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Reference: Chick Noir

November 15, 2008

Chick lit with an edge
Jane Fallon left her job as a TV producer to write novels she calls ‘chick noir’. Her latest features a lying, deluded husband who, she tells Patrick Barkham, bears no resemblance to her partner, Ricky Gervais

Chick Noir

There is a new modern fiction category on the block; chick noir which is post modern chick lit with an edge. This differs from chick lit which is all about getting the guy and living happy ever after while chick noir is much more dark and features single women who grow to be happy in their own skin and not obsessive about being married. The pioneer of this exciting genre is Jane Fallon, author of Getting Rid of Matthew and Got You Back. Fallon’s talents do not just lie in fiction, she is an established TV producer and has worked on fantastic shows like EastEnders, This Life and Teachers which are infamous for their portrayal of strong women.

Mesjak on Twitter made me aware of Chick Noir. (There is no wikipedia entry. Unbelievable!)

I wonder, would Mrs. Peel of The Avengers qualify as the first noir chick?

Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #414: Then Die!

November 15, 2008

Welcome to your Drop Dead Future.

Dad Chains Himself To Meter To Save Girl

HILAND PARK, Fla. — In a desperate attempt to prevent his power from being turned off, a father chained himself to the meter outside his home saying his daughter, who requires a feeding tube and other electrical equipment, could die without electricity.

Tony Duncan chained himself to the meter Thursday fearing what will happen to his 5-year-old adopted daughter Makayla if they lose power. Gulf Power officials said the Duncans have not made payments on their electricity bill since July and owe about $2,000 and gave them until Friday morning to come up with the money. But an anonymous donor heard the news reports and paid the bulk of the bill.

Tony Duncan said he has been out of work for more than a year because he had several strokes and seizures and has been unable to collect unemployment or find a new job because of his medical condition.

Emphasis added by me.

And what happens next year?

Free eCheatsheet For Non-Fiction Book Proposals

November 15, 2008

PDF link: Nonfiction Book Proposal Cheat Sheet

— via Twitter from top_book

Gear Diary: Survival/Disaster Radios

November 15, 2008

Holiday Gift Suggestions: the Etón FR150 Microlink or FR500 Solarlink Radios for the Survivalist

In her fifteen-mile-deep concrete-and-lead-lined geothermal-powered bunker, Judie couldn’t pick up any AM radio. (In fact, she asks if anyone uses AM anymore! Hello! AM has the news stations here in NYC! One of which is Bloomberg, which is better than CNBC on TV!) The rest of us will probably do better at ground-level.

I’ve seen radios like these are J&R. Also saw some cheapie ones in a discount store. I’ve always wondered about the lifespan of those plastic hand cranks. That would be a horror: to have the crank break off while trying to recharge the battery!

Must Read: Sadomasochism for Accountants

November 15, 2008


Sadomasochism for Accountants by Rosy Barnes

How can I resist the description?

Paula is still smarting from being called boring by Alan, her longtime boyfriend. Then he leaves her for Belinda, the egotistic would-be partner of accountancy firm Smith, Smith-Brown and Smith. Her mother suggests she spice up her life, so Paula joins the local fetish club.

Luda the transvestite is not fooled when Paula enters Club Liscious. Her off-the-shoulder dress cannot turn her into a thrill-seeking member of the Liscious elite. “She” decides to have nothing to do with the newcomer.

Over the next few weeks, the club-goers’ suspicion turns to friendship, and “boring” Paula recruits Luda, gentle Dominatrix Gretchen, and bossy SlaveBoy to help her win Alan back.

Meanwhile, Alan’s new fiancée Belinda, locked in a bitter battle for a promotion with her paraplegic colleague, starts working on Alan’s own lack of ambition.

Of course, you probably can’t expect this in the Sony eBook Store.

— via Twitter from mesjack

Authentic George Barris Batmobile Smart Car!!!

November 15, 2008



Limited Edition Lust-O-Rama Instant Classic from George Barris, who did the iconic, original and forever one-and-only Batmobile. (Go drool: I Got To Sit In The Batmobile!!!)

See larger pictures: SEMA 2008: The Batsmart by Barris

— via Mike Elgan’s The Raw Feed

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Sometimes Twitter Gets Scary

November 15, 2008

I came across this several minutes ago via Cursebird:


Cursebird: A New Favorite Twitter Monitor

November 15, 2008



There’s someone on Twitter who thinks I need this:


Hahaha. Get fucking real:

Click = big

Sony eBook Store: Publishers Portal

November 15, 2008

Sony launched its redesigned eBook Store and wow — look at this:


The Sony eBook Store Publishers Portal

Sony is taking steps towards adding publishers and direct-publishing writers!

Scraping the text:

Find a new world of readers at the eBook Store from Sony

Whether you’re a tiny boutique operation or a mid-sized publisher already enjoying a wide readership, you can now sign up to have your books offered in the eBook Store from Sony.

Where to Begin?

If you would like to offer your titles in the eBook Store from Sony, please provide your company and catalogue information in the form to the right.* After you’ve signed up, we will send you an email when we launch our new self-publishing tools later this year.

Thank you in advance for giving us the opportunity to partner with you!

There’s an entire form at the left side for submission information.

What intrigues me is this:

Which file format(s) can you provide for your books?

# Microsoft Word
# Other

One interesting thing right off: What is BBeB doing in there? No one outside of Sony (and perhaps its service bureau) has the tools to create BBeB! We peons (hey, Sony, that’s how we’ve felt all these years!) have been limited to LRF.

What really really worries me is this:

* Submission of eBooks will require your company’s agreement to enter a commercial relationship with Sony Connect Inc. that will be governed by the terms of Sony Connect’s Distribution Agreement available for review and acceptance during the registration process once the Publisher Portal launches. Sony Connect reserves the right to not publish eBooks at its discretion.

Emphasis added by me.

Hey, Sony! What the bloody hell is that?!!? Do you intend to be another Nanny State like Apple pulled with the App Store and comic books?!

I also object to the terminology there: Publish. Wait a minute! You’re supposed to be a Store. Are you going to slap “Sony Press” on submissions?! Or do you intend to be the Sony eBook Store for Goddammed Disney-like Rainbows and Unicorns eBooks? Have any of you ever heard of Derek Raymond? You not going to “publish” him?!

How can any part of Sony claim to be on any sort of moral artbiter high horse when the two recent James Bond movies from Sony were some of the most foul, brutal, degrading, and disgusting things I’ve yet seen committed to film?

Let me refresh your holier-than-thou memory:





Don’t get all moral with me, Sony! Not when you’ve “published” testicle torture as entertainment! And worse: Made it look like the “hero” actually enjoyed it! What kind of sick fuck shit is that?!

And now you’re going to set yourself up as a gatekeeper to words?! Going to judge what letter combinations of A-through-Z are “acceptable” for people to see?

Tropic of Cancer, Lady Chatterley’s Lover, Lolita, and others sound familiar as precedent-setting “obscenity” cases?

In the 1960s, Sony, these Bond movies would have been slapped with X-ratings!

Where is your high ground?

Stop it.

You’re a store. Disclaim correctly and fulfill the store role. Don’t play Wal-Mart. That shit won’t fly. eBooks are too important for that.

As it is, Apple is looking at a restraint of trade suit a few years down the road. Don’t get in line behind them for that.

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