Reference: Chick Noir

Chick lit with an edge
Jane Fallon left her job as a TV producer to write novels she calls ‘chick noir’. Her latest features a lying, deluded husband who, she tells Patrick Barkham, bears no resemblance to her partner, Ricky Gervais

Chick Noir

There is a new modern fiction category on the block; chick noir which is post modern chick lit with an edge. This differs from chick lit which is all about getting the guy and living happy ever after while chick noir is much more dark and features single women who grow to be happy in their own skin and not obsessive about being married. The pioneer of this exciting genre is Jane Fallon, author of Getting Rid of Matthew and Got You Back. Fallon’s talents do not just lie in fiction, she is an established TV producer and has worked on fantastic shows like EastEnders, This Life and Teachers which are infamous for their portrayal of strong women.

Mesjak on Twitter made me aware of Chick Noir. (There is no wikipedia entry. Unbelievable!)

I wonder, would Mrs. Peel of The Avengers qualify as the first noir chick?

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2 Comments on “Reference: Chick Noir”

  1. “Fantastic shows like EastEnders“?

    Do me a favour. It’s lowest-common-denominator tripe, produced for morons by self-regarding cynics.

    For anyone who has the good fortune never to have seen this show, it is a soap opera allegedly based in the East End of London, featuring hackneyed characters who are improbably unpleasant and dysfunctional. Its popularity in Britain is a savage indictment of our education system and the welfare state.

    And please don’t get me started on that fat git she’s married to …

  2. mikecane Says:

    For those popping in cold to Richard’s comment: Richard is a writer:

    He also lives on that side of the pond and has had far more exposure than we Yanks to EastEnders (which has been seen here from time to time on PBS stations — and perhaps some cable TV).

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