Gerry Anderson BBC Interview

This one got by me … until now!

Talking Shop: Gerry Anderson

Some choice bits:

It’s been reported you are making a new CGI Thunderbirds and are in negotiations to buy the rights back from ITV.

I have be careful about this, but I think there will be a new series and I will be involved. I tried to buy the rights back but I got a letter back with a flat refusal.

Emphasis added by me.

Those rat bastards! It’s his creation! His heart went into it! Parasitical blood-sucking motherfuckers! And all of you wonder why I despise Suits?


Would you ever go back to working with marionettes or puppets again?

No, I’d rather have a life sentence!

Oi, Gerry. That’s a bit harsh! I know you’ve said that before, but still.


Team America: World Police was made in homage to Thunderbirds. Did you see it?

I was supposed to meet Trey Parker before he made the film. But I think someone must’ve told him I wouldn’t be interested once I knew about the language they use – and they were right!

I have seen it and there are good, fun parts. But the language wasn’t to my liking.

I won’t take back one word I said about those fucking Suits. It’s the language they deserve!

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