Vote For Writer Zoe Winters!

She’s up against two other stories. But I haven’t read those. I’ve read hers and it’s worth your vote.

This is erotic fiction. It’s not obscene. Men who want an insight into a woman’s mind will want to read this one. And then thank Zoe with your vote.

Takes about ten minutes. And it will stick in your mind.

Well done, Zoe!

Story 1: A Safer Life by Zoe Winters

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3 Comments on “Vote For Writer Zoe Winters!”

  1. zoewinters Says:

    Thank you so much! The voting part is nerve wracking and makes me forget that the important part is people LIKING the story! :D

  2. mikecane Says:

    If people read it, they will like it — and vote for it.

    Up next: Mike Cane in Searching For His Amelia.


  3. zoewinters Says:

    hahahaha awwwww. I swear, I think deep down, everybody’s a freak. :)

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