Is It Time For Twitter To Start Charging?

I’m sitting here with my Twitterstream dead.

This is the second time in a week.

I’m one of those people who lambasted Twitter as a trivia-spewing service.

While it can be that, if you’re smart about who you Follow, it can be an important — if not vital — resource.

I don’t do RSS, so Twitter fills that gap.

Twitter has alerted me to news items well before they’ve been tweeted by major news outlets.

One Twitterer, top_book, has been a treasure chest of material that’s inspired posts here (go to Search and do “top_book” to see!).

With the economic catastrophe that awaits us, Twitter is going to be one of the most important ways for people to keep in touch and to exchange firsthand accounts of local situations.

In short, Twitter has possibly become one of the most important things on the Internet — not just to me, but for many, many people.

But these outages really flay my skin. I feel out of touch in a way I haven’t when there’s been a Time-Warner problem and the entire Internet has been removed from me.

I’ve read about the conundrum the Twitter people are having trying to “monetize” the service.

Let’s break that deadlock: Charge for it.

Start with a pittance, even a token-like fee: $25/year.

Perhaps that will help keep future outages at bay.

Perhaps that will indicate to those who run Twitter how important it’s become to users.

Perhaps that will keep Twitter going while other services on the Internet go dark (and they have been; several news aggregators in my Bookmarks seem to have gone under, with no announcement).

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5 Comments on “Is It Time For Twitter To Start Charging?”

  1. zoewinters Says:

    I wouldn’t pay for twitter.

    The ability to update people in 140 word increments about my daily goings on, when most people will not read it anyway (not because it’s personal but because they are following a lot of people), it’s not worth money to me as a service.

  2. richfinck Says:

    Mike, sign me up. I feel orphaned with no twitter available. It is so bad I have resorted to talking to my dog and the tv.

  3. mikecane Says:

    Zoe, you disappoint me! How else would I have found out about your short story in competition? I don’t get to check every blog every day. Sometimes I get sick of doing that and I find out about things too late.

  4. Alan Pritt Says:

    “I don’t do RSS, so Twitter fills that gap.”

    “I don’t get to check every blog every day. Sometimes I get sick of doing that and I find out about things too late.”

    What am I missing here?

  5. mikecane Says:

    Well, let me be a bit more detailed for you:

    1) I don’t do RSS. This PC is too pissant to handle that. Thanks to Microsoft, it’s gotten progressively slower and weaker. A year or so ago, this PC was robust and kick ass and I could get things done in seconds. Then came MS Updates to kill all that.

    2) I don’t Follow EVERY blog via Twitter — some blogs don’t have Twitter accounts.

    3) Even if they all had Twitter, I’d still *manually* check because I like to read complete posts, not just see headlines and a link via Twitter. But I can’t check *every* day because it becomes Groundhog Day at the PC!

    Now, have I missed something?

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