Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #429: Pre-Splat

What’s The Next Big Thing For 2009?

How far the stock market will fall is anyone’s guess, the next support on the charts is roughly around today’s close. So we may expect an engineered Xmas rally by the Plunge Protection Team. But I’m on the lookout for the coming day when both the stock and bond markets head down together. That’s when we know that the Great Bond Collapse of 2009 will be underway. After that I suspect that the 2009 bond collapse will eventually transmogrify into a global fiat currency collapse, given that the only thing backing the world’s currencies is hot air issuing from the collective mouths of the world’s central bankers. From every indication they are going to need to blow a lot more smoke up bondholders skirts to give them a warm feeling about the pile of fiat paper.

Emphasis added by me.

Imagine being in a speeding car with failed brakes heading towards a wall.

Would you continue to steer straight ahead or pull on the wheel and change direction?

Everyone continues to steer straight ahead — to the inevitable smashup.

Change course!

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