Closing Public Libraries Is Societal Suicide

Man Sheds Tears, Residents Protest Over Library Closures

Some people love sports. Others love cooking. And yet others love their neighborhood libraries.

Two emotional protests were held Monday night as residents of the Holmesberg and West Oak Lane neighborhoods fight to keep their libraries open.

City officials are planning to close 11 libraries across the city as a means to save money in the current economic crisis. The city is facing a budget gap of almost $1 billion over the next five years.

One protester at the Holmesberg Library was driven to tears by the idea that his neighborhood library would be closed.

And what will we be left with? I quote writer Tito Perdue:

Think of it! Greed, ignorance. All television and no literature — think!

– Lee, by Tito Perdue; pg. 64

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