Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #435: Delusions

This is another article stuck behind the Wall Street Journal paywall, but I can’t resist this ridiculous headline and proclamation in the free part of the article:

APEC Leaders Say Crisis Can Be Overcome in 18 Months

LIMA, Peru — The financial crisis threatening to plunge the world into recession can be overcome by mid-2010, Pacific Rim leaders said Sunday as they wrapped up a two-day summit.

We are convinced that we can overcome this crisis in a period of eighteen months,” the 21 leaders said in the statement. “We have already taken urgent and extraordinary steps to stabilize our financial sectors and strengthen economic growth.”

Emphasis added by me.

I think it would be in bad taste for me to type in big red letters ROTFLMAO.

If I was confident that WordPress would still be around in eighteen months — or, at the very least, still offering its free service and keeping this blog up — I’d do a post timed to pop up eighteen months from now as a reminder, so we could all compare their pompous declaration against the prevailing misery.

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