Kat Meyer Now Has A Blog

The Bookish Dilettante

It’s all drenched in girly-girl polka dots and pinks and purples. But no cats!

And she needs some help in applying categories correctly. She lists this blog under “Highly Recommended, Life-Enhancing, Webby Distractions.” Say what?

She needs a blog mascot. I recommend this one.

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3 Comments on “Kat Meyer Now Has A Blog”

  1. Kat Meyer Says:

    hey, i resemble that remark. Cats will have their own page somewhere soon on my site.

  2. mikecane Says:

    You date yourself! How many kiddz would understand your “remark” reference?

  3. Kat Meyer Says:

    it’s called the InterWebz, Mike. and there the kiddz can find all the references to everythingz. At least that’s where i find them at. that, and in my old person memory. Best Bond ever: Peter Sellers. Best Sir James Bond ever: David Niven.

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