Delete RedSwoosh.exe

In my continuing battle with this goddammed Microsoft-sabotaged PC, I called up Task Manager at one point early in the day and noticed something very strange.

RedSwoosh.exe was listed. But I’d seen that before.

This time, however, it was — when Task Manager was sorted to CPU usage — irregularly popping to the top at the list and eating 97-98% of CPU!


I did some research. Red Swoosh as a sole company no longer exists. It was purchased by Akamai and there is no way to get information about the program from them (at least that I could discover).

I remember a long time ago having Red Swoosh recommended somewhere for some sort of P2P app.

And then today I also discovered that Red Swoosh is used by the FoxTorrent plug-in. I have that plug-in, but never used it, and it’s been turned off.

So, I uninstalled the FoxTorrent plug-in and then I went to Control Panel and uninstalled RedSwoosh.exe.

I haven’t done comprehensive testing, but I can say for today, the PC has seemed peppier.

If any of you have been experiencing intermittent sluggishness on your PC, look for RedSwoosh.exe and uninstall it.

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2 Comments on “Delete RedSwoosh.exe”

  1. Thanks Mike,
    I didn’t think that FF Addons were allowed to do that!
    Very sneaky, and not very nice.
    Now to stop the dreaded Kontiki P2P service (Part of BBCs iPlayer) …

  2. Amen Bruddah Says:

    Same here — at start up that PIG gobbled up 41 CPU seconds on a W2K system, no doubt trying to talk to the nonexistent site you get directed to at uninstall time to [sic] improve your computing experience. Some folks just should NOT ever be allowed to write network apps ever again.

    Had a torrent client installed once or twice a while ago and never thought about it. I improved my computing experience by uninstalling it. Good riddance!

    Could not find any useful info on the web, only come-ons from so-called process authority sites.

    Then I found this site. Happy happy, joy joy.

    When WILL MS declare any exe file that doesn’t include full info a virus?

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