Be Social Like A Disease!

Dear Book Marketers, It’s Called SOCIAL Media for a Reason

There are a few book publishing tweeple in the mix however, who just don’t seem to get it. And, maybe not surprisingly, most of these misguided publishing tweeps are book marketing consultants. They twitter early, often, and with robotic regularity, filling my twitterstream hourly with offers for their latest “Top 10 Ways to Promote Your Book!”; generically addressed inquiries such as “Ready to sell your book in bulk?”; and my personal favorite, “Check out these tips for using social media to sell your book!”; always unfailingly followed with a link to their very own promotional website.

I’ve been lucky. I have very few people I Follow like that. They mostly get screened out by me looking at their Twitter page and past tweets.

The dying dinosaurs of print that I Follow, however, are mostly boring.

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