Turmoil At Major Print Publishers

Major Reorgnization from Random House; Applebaum and Rubin Out

Rubin, Irwyn Applebaum Out in RH Reorg

Heads of New Publishing Groups at Random House Will Handle Layoffs Themselves

Thomas Nelson Cuts 54 Positions


Live image of the dying dinosaurs of print:

OMFGZZZZ!!!! It’s reality!!!!!!1111111

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One Comment on “Turmoil At Major Print Publishers”

  1. Cliff Burns Says:

    Try as I might, I can’t shed a tear for people who kept me waiting a year, sometimes even longer, before they would deign to respond to my manuscript with a coffee-stained rejection slip. Corporate publishing is dying and pardon me while I unzip my fly and urinate on its moldering corpse…

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