I’m Back In Firefox 2.x

Yes, Chrome was faster.

But the UI feedback just sucks.

I had tabs sit there blank. I had one tab not want to close or switch to Google(!). I just could not get used to New Tab going to the right of the current one and not all the way to the right.

At the bottom left of Fox, when I go to any site, I get a very detailed enunciation of everyfrikkinthing that’s being switched through to build the site. With Chrome, I’d only get the the main URL. I’d have no idea of what was delaying anything.

iTweet gave me refresh errors and was slower than Twitterfox. Plus, it seemed to arrange tweets in a tossed salad fashion. I kept missing tweets. Since I’ve gone back to Firefox, I’ve found two Private tweets I didn’t see in iTweet.

So, Firefox 2.x — slow as shit, yes. But my brain has been sutured to it.

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2 Comments on “I’m Back In Firefox 2.x”

  1. igorsk Says:

    Try Opera. For advanced progress bar: Tools-Appearance-Toolbars-Progress bar = Pop-up at bottom.
    Seems there’s also a Twitter widget though I haven’t tried it myself: http://widgets.opera.com/widget/7206/

  2. mikecane Says:

    Oh god. Not Opera. No.

    Used it on a Mac for a while, because I had to. Would have rather lost a leg.

    Used it on that goddammed Nokia 770. Nearly lost my mind.

    Never, ever again.

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