Fandom Photos: Carl Gafford

Carl Gafford at John Street, originally uploaded by zilberhere.

Carl Gafford at John Street

Carl Gafford was one of the early comic fans to publish a fanzine.

He also created the first organization of fanzine publishers, called the BPP — Blue Plaque Publications. (It was later revived into the UFO — United Fanzine Organization — chaired for some time by by Kurt Erichsen.)

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One Comment on “Fandom Photos: Carl Gafford”

  1. Steve Sundahl Says:

    Carl, looking for help in locating some of my old ‘zines’ from NYAPA days in the 70’s. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated !! I figure if I post in enough places, sooner or later you’ll see one of them ! lol . Warped Mind Spawn
    A Legend In My Own Brain

    Steve Sundahl,

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