This is so important, I’m ripping off the entire news report.

Swiss watch found in 400-year-old tomb

Archeologists in China are baffled after finding a tiny Swiss watch in a 400-year-old tomb.

The watch ring was discovered as archeologists were making a documentary with two journalists from Shangsi town.

“When we tried to remove the soil wrapped around the coffin, a piece of rock suddenly dropped off and hit the ground with a metallic sound,? said Jiang Yanyu, former curator of the Guangxi Autonomous Region Museum.

“We picked up the object, and found it was a ring. After removing the covering soil and examining it further, we were shocked to see it was a watch.”

The time was stopped at 10:06am, and on the back was engraved the word “Swiss”, reports the People’s Daily.

Local experts say they are confused as they believe the tomb had been undisturbed since it was created during the Ming dynasty 400 years ago.

They have suspended the dig and are waiting for experts to arrive from Beijing and help them unravel the mystery.

Emphasis added by me.


There it is.

Proof time travel exists!

Now give me my goddammed machine so I can go back to 1960!!!

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  1. Kat Meyer Says:

    well, that’s good news. i need to go find my watch. had stopped using it since it never seemed to matter what time it was, but i had no idea it had THIS feature. I am thinking 1960 would not be my choice. maybe the 1920’s.

  2. mikecane Says:

    1920s?!!? In just 9 years from 1920, there’s The Crash!

    The 1960s were the best!! Well, they’ll be even better once I get back there and kill that little shit named Oswald.

  3. Gekko Says:

    “So you start to choose who lives and who dies? Be my guest – play God. And where do you stop? What’s next? Go back to the Titanic and warn all the passengers? Go back and find Hitler’s father and kill him to prevent the Holocaust? What’s next?”

  4. WLS Says:

    Well obviously some tourist was digging around there in the last decade or so. Lots of those so called “pristine” sites are les than advertised. -Like those “virgins” in Thailand.

  5. mikecane Says:

    @Gekko: If I’m going to go back to the 1960s, the 1960s will be done RIGHT. No assassinations of JFK, RFK, or MLK. And we’ll damn well be OUT of Vietnam too, dammit.

  6. mikecane Says:

    @WLS: Stop spoiling my time-travel lust. Also, we don’t know yet how deep that dig was. Or what company made that damn watch. I dug around on the Net for about two hours. I could *not* find a finger watch/ ring watch/ watch ring like that. That could be from the *future*. It could also be the *time machine itself*. That’s my fantasy, and I’m sticking to it.

  7. Gekko Says:

    maybe those terrible things had to happen to prevent something worse. don’t fuck with the past!

  8. WLS Says:

    Far be it from me to spoil a good time travel story- I know I’ve read many. But it’s a thin thread to hang a story on. A ring watch such as was popular ten or more years ago with the ladies and an obviously mechanical movement at that is going to take some explaining as to how it could have come from the future… Harlan would have no problem though saying a time traveler went back to the 60’s or 70’s and met someone who then used the machine to go further back would be a start. Or maybe the undistrubed burial site could have been a chinese landfill.

  9. mikecane Says:

    @WLS: Ah. I hadn’t considered that the watch hasn’t shown up in searches because it’s no longer made. But still. I found a ring watch publicized from *1938*, so it seems to me this one would be some sort of collector’s item and would have shown up *somewhere*. I think it’s made from the future — all nanotech time-travel circuitry disguised to look like a 20th-century bauble. Unfortunately, it wound up in China 400 years into the past. I guess they didn’t take into account earth rotation and the changed magnetic field:

    Now, if they keep digging and turn up a Palm Lifedrive, the mystery will be solved. The body will be ME! That’s just the kind of stupid math mistake *I* would make. Yikes!!

  10. mikecane Says:

    @Gekko: So what are you telling me here? That you’re somehow related to Lee Harvey Oswald? You’re just afraid that I’ll prevent the massive greed since 1980 and cut you out of your fat share. Too bad. MY 1960s will be the PROPER timeline. EVERYONE will be rich as hell by 1980. You’ll probably be even richer, dammit.

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