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Lost Movie: Quest For Love

December 17, 2008

I was in YouTube, digging around for something totally unrelated, when I got it into my head to put “Quest for Love” into the Search box.

I had to pick my jaw off the floor and superglue in back in place when the first ten minutes of this lost movie came up as a result!

Watch this.

It was never widely sold on VHS. It’s never been put on DVD (where are you, Criterion?!). It’s very hard to get now as a used VHS tape.

This movie was based on a story called Random Quest by John Wyndham. The original short story is a tale told in conversational flashback fashion and really lacks the charm and faster pace of the movie adaptation (which is by Terrence Feely!).

The script moves along at a very fast pace in the beginning, as you’ll see. The bulk of the film is a wonderful little character study of alternate existence, missed chances, redemption, and lost opportunities. It’s the direct precursor, in film form, of Somewhere in Time.

I’m lucky to have a used VHS of it from eBay many years back (which I still haven’t watched — my Backlog Pile is big!!).

It’s absolutely criminal that so few people know of this movie and that it’s not easily available in pristine condition on DVD.

Enjoy. But I warn you, you’ll want to see the rest of it after this.


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Writer Mitzi Szereto Is Fun Reading

December 17, 2008

What with Doom and other things, it’s been a while since I’ve been able to get to her blog. So it was a real treat to have four long posts waiting there to be read.

Shot on the South Bank

How Many Chavs Does It Take To Screw in a Lightbulb?

Wrecked on the Isle of Wight (Minus a Ship)

Facebook: The Anti-Social Social Network

I don’t like reading long things on the PC screen, but Mitzi is always an exception.

I’m telling you, she’ll be the next Bill Bryson.

Or really: The first Mitzi Szereto.

Maud Newton Cracks Me Up

December 17, 2008


Soft Skull Press eBooks Soon!

December 17, 2008

Happy happy joy joy!



Soft Skull Press website

Stanza Reader: Not Just iPhone?

December 17, 2008

Here’s a tantalizing tweet:


TONS Of Free eBooks

December 17, 2008

Well, it would be tons if you put all these on nasty paper.

Finding Free eBooks
All Free eBooks, All The Time.

It detoured me and devoured a half hour as I grabbed free eBook after free eBook. There is plenty.

All legal too.

— via writer Richard Herley

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Writer J.A. Konrath: WATNS

December 17, 2008

Writing: The Temporary Career

I’m not going to name names in this post. Partly because it would be mean. Partly because I’m only speculating on the reasons why, and have no real proof.

But I still wanted to talk about something that’s rampant in the word of publishing. It’s also rampant in other media like radio, TV, movies, and music.

It’s Where Are They Now Syndrome.

The scariest thing about WATNS is how quickly it seems to occur. When my first novel, Whiskey Sour, was published in 2004, I did as much self-promotion as I could. Going to writing conventions, signing at bookstores and libraries, I met dozens of writers who also had new books out. Some were debut authors, like me. Some were veterans who seemed like they’d be around forever.

But here it is, a scant four and a half years later, and I can name more than thirty of these authors who didn’t publish anything in the past year, and in some cases the past two years.

It’s strange that I came across this post today.

Just last night I was wondering about a writer who made a Big Splash: Jane Mendelsohn. According to that wikipedia link, her last book was in 2000. Eight years have passed. What gives?

And then there’s this ongoing publishing mystery surrounding an infamous Salon article: The confessions of a semi-successful author.

In my reading, I’ve come across books I’ve loved by writers who didn’t go on to publish anything else. It’s been a frustration of mine for a long time.

This is why I am an eBook militant. It’s your work. It’s your life. It’s your career. It’s your calling. Be in charge of it.

Quote: Writer Martin Millar

December 17, 2008

More of My Backlist Unleashed on the World

A brief story about when I was writing Lux the Poet: I was living in a small council flat in Brixton. I shared the flat with a primary school teacher, who was rarely there, and a young man who was a serious alcoholic, as was his boyfriend. They were continually drunk, probably too drunk to have sex, but they were both fond of spanking. Being so drunk, they weren’t concerned about privacy, and used to perform, or attempt to perform, spanking sessions in the living room. Meanwhile I stayed in my own room, writing Lux the Poet on an old word-processor. So I could hear the spanking, which would have been strange enough anyway, but because of their extreme drunkenness and lack of co-ordination, it happened at an unbelievably slow rate. I’d write one sentence of Lux, and hear a vague slapping noise. And then I’d write a bit more, and after a few more sentences, there be another spanking noise, followed by some loud struggling as they fell off the couch, and scrambled around for their cans of special brew. And then, some time later, there’s be another vague slapping sound. Really, you wouldn’t believe that any spanking could possibly be carried on in such a slow and disorganised fashion. Sometimes he’d actually miss the target, which you’d think would be practically impossible. Hours later I’d find them collapsed, semi-naked and unconscious on the living room floor. Both of them by this time quite emaciated young men, from alcohol abuse. I was pleased when I moved out of that flat.

Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #474: Cheer

December 17, 2008

Aw, in these dark times, I thought I’d post a happy, fun video that will make all of us get in the proper spirit of the times!

Watch it completely.