Photo Album: Snow Attack 2008 War Journal

Since this morning, all of New York City has been under attack from white stuff lobbed by the fierce kilt-wearing Canadianistas and their smiling Arcticturian overlords!

I am one of the few still alive, with a crapcam to document this horror!



The houses of worship are empty! People have given up on God!



The streets are empty of life!

This is so sad:


Human beings would sit there. Now, forever a ruin!

And this is tragic:


The ghostly imprints of trudging refugees!

We are all abandoned:


And then mockery of mockeries! I came across:


One of the stormtroopers of the smiling Arcticturians! And me without a gun or knife!

Car are abandoned at curbside:


People know it is fruitless to try to escape!

Witness the horror through my eyes:


Well, the gimlet eye of the crapcam, at least!


Global warming?! These green lifeforms will not survive to burn to to a crisp!


I made it to the supermarket, crowded with despair …


… where they have been reduced to offering the burned bodies of birds for sustenance! Look this cruelty!


They expect us to maintain our dim lives with that?!

On the way back, I knew all hope was gone!


Just like in New Orleans during Katrina: the school buses aren’t being used to evacuate us!!!

Avenge New York City! If Bush was a real man, he’d use a few of those nukes we’ve been bled to pay for! Melt that damn polar ice cap and get the economy going again!!

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2 Comments on “Photo Album: Snow Attack 2008 War Journal”

  1. Christine Says:

    I live in south louisiana, near New Orleans, and it snowed here about a week ago. Several inches. ‘Course for the past three days it’s been in the high 70’s and I’ve had to run the ac…

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