oh just shut the fuck up already

That’s a blog post headline from literary agent Janet Reid.

And the post opens this way:

Well I have more than a decade of experience in publishing. In fact I have almost two. And I’ve got one thing to say to this: shut the fuck up already.

Now that is an agent.

And I’ve looked at some other posts and I’m surprised to find she’s the agent of John Reisinger, whose Master Detective book (a must read!) I posted about at the old blog. That was before I included book covers, so let me correct that oversight now:

(Makes an excellent holiday gift, btw!)

And oooops! Further Small World Alert: I shredded her a bit in a prior post here: Kindle-holics Irk Me

Now she’ll tell me to just shut the fuck up!

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One Comment on “STFU! No, YOU STFU!”

  1. Janet Reid Says:

    I’m not telling you to STFU. In fact I’m thanking you for reading Master Detective and posting the cover.

    Now, about the Kindle.
    For me, the Kindle is better than other e-readers because I can upload word .docs and I don’t have to plug into a computer to do so. (ie one of the godsends can email stuff to my Kindle while I”m lying on the beach in Antarctica sunning my reptilian hide)

    I love my Kindle. Doesn’t mean I think you shouldn’t love your whatever.

    But honest to Helvetica, as long as you’re reading my client’s books, I got ZERO complaints.

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