Apple Bans ANOTHER Book From App Store!

And this time it’s an eBook with nothing but words!

E-Book Banned from App Store for Obscene Content

David Carnoy’s book, entitled Knife Music, was rejected twice by Apple. Yesterday, Apple deemed some of its content objectionable, saying the book does not follow the company’s guidelines in its software-development kit, according to Carnoy (who is also the writer behind CNET’s Fully Equipped electronics column).

One line in particular, where a teenage girl uses expletives during a romantic encounter, is at the core of Apple’s objections.

“The app was resubmitted last week, and the only reason cited for the rejection was because of the obscene content,” Carnoy said.

Emphasis added by me.

Why is he surprised?

“And furthermore, there’s ‘explicit’ content all over iTunes, with lots of rap music (they have the ‘explicit’ bug on those items). And obviously, Apple does serve up some R-rated movies,” Carnoy added. “Beyond that, Apple sells audiobooks through iTunes that feature profanities. It has plenty of best sellers that are in the same genre as my book (Michael Connelly’s Brass Verdict, for instance). So, obviously, the whole thing is hypocritical and unfair. My book is R-rated at best. It’s not porn.”

Welcome to the Apple App Store of Hypocrisy, Carnoy!

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4 Comments on “Apple Bans ANOTHER Book From App Store!”

  1. jack Says:

    I agree with you. Everyone thinks APPLE is some kind of cool, progressive God but its just a wolf in sheep’s clothing. They are really RIGHT WING CENSORS. Shame on them. I heard that they’ve been rejecting books left and right for “foul” language while at the same time they continue to make tons of money on their “explicit” music. Can we call Two-Face by name?

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  3. Cliff Burns Says:

    The Ramones said it best, eh, Mike: “Censorshit”.

    Very troubling and disappointing. “Boo!” on Apple…

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