Interster TV Series Now On DVD?

According to a Comment I received today, Christmas Eve 2008 in the U.S.A, yes:

Just to let you know Interster Series 1 is available at Musica stores in SA. I bought the the 2 part DVDs in Cape Town yesterday. It is an SABC release.

I hope someone will email me some photos of the boxes to post!

This is exciting news!

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2 Comments on “Interster TV Series Now On DVD?”

  1. interster Says:

    I have uploaded Episode 1 of Series 1, with English subtitles here:

    See my new blog here:

    Enjoy, it’s great stuff.
    [Hope to follow on with a few more episodes soon…..]

  2. mikecane Says:

    Ordinarily, I would not publish a link to a file.


    1) It is 99% UNlikely this will be made available outside of South Africa
    2) Currency conversion rates currently make international ordering very prohibitive
    3) There is worldwide interest in this series

    I’m hoping the popularity engendered by this link will convince the owner to offer it legally to all via the iTunes Store or the like.

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