The Taqwacores: Free Sample Chapter

I noticed several people who were led to this blog under the search term “taqwacores pdf” and I contacted publisher Soft Skull Press.

I hope that search term doesn’t indicate a pirate edition of the book is on the Internet. Isn’t stealing from writers haram according to The Quran?

Soft Skull Press has given me an URL for the first chapter of The Taqwacores. That should be enough to incite interest in the book and let people know if they want to legitimately buy it.

PDF link.

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2 Comments on “The Taqwacores: Free Sample Chapter”

  1. Joe Mondt Says:

    habib means ‘beloved,’ so no, I don’t think it is!

  2. mikecane Says:

    As usual, I’m a disaster with other languages. Both are five-letter words beginning in H. Fixed that. Thanks!

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