Blog Notes: 1

We race towards Zero Hour here!


There are less than twenty-four hours left to this blog!

“But,” people ask, “What will you do after this?”

My fingers will still be busy:


With a series of children’s books!

The Happy Stabby Family!


There’s Junior Stabby:


Papa Stabby:


And Uncle Fun Stabby:


Oh, I just know you’re all waiting for this! I can tell.

I can feel your reaction through my screen:


All of this is my kindly way of saying:



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4 Comments on “Blog Notes: 1”

  1. ramin Says:

    This is all just a ploy so you can change the blog title to “Mike Cane’s House of Doom and Cool Shit,” isn’t it ;-)

  2. Amy Berg Says:

    Before you abandon the blog and start stabbing things… can I put in a request for screencaps for last night’s Leverage episode? I know my guest actors for the episode would appreciate it. Thanks!

  3. mikecane Says:

    Oh no. My online presence will flatline. I’ll pop on Twitter during MacWorld and CES developments, tho. But this blog is DEAD. And I don’t have a follow-up planned.

  4. […] whiningly referred to as Objectionable Language and you don’t want that kind of influence to seep into your books. Besides, children are best killed, cooked, and fed to […]

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