The Conclusion Of Mike Cane 2008


Pull the strings! Pull the strings!

And for a year, I have.

I had no frikkin idea what nearly a solid year of blogging would be like.


Dear God. I am wiped out!


Some days made me absolutely fucking insane. Even without Simvastatin rotting my mind!

And now I have reached the end.


Two bits of advice before I go.

The first for dealing with the financial chaos of 2009:


The second for every writer and would-be writer out there:


And that’s all there is.

Thanks to everyone who stalked this blog, irregularly popped in, and also linked to it.

My online presence will now flatline. I’ll likely — maybe — pop up on Twitter for reaction to MacWorld Expo and CES introductions.

But a new blog? I have no plans for one.

I need rest!







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18 Comments on “The Conclusion Of Mike Cane 2008”

  1. Jane Says:

    I’ll see you on Twitter then!

  2. Mark Coker Says:

    Farewell, Mike! I hope to see a mikecane2009…


  3. BevQB Says:

    I shall miss thee, Mike Cane.

    Who will set the world straight about eReaders? Who will scare the bejeezus outta me while making economic predictions?

    I don’t Twitter. I don’t understand Twitter. I don’t understand why anyone would want to Twitter. But I’ll TRY to check out your Tweets from time to time.

    Unless you change your mind about blogging.

  4. Steve Says:

    “Goodnight Mr. Cane.”

  5. ramin Says:

    “Go on, get out – last words are for fools who haven’t said enough.”


    See you on Twitter.

  6. Thanks, Mike, and have a happy and restful New Year!

  7. richfinck Says:

    This blog is a textbook for anyone wanting to do a blog. Study it you won’t waste a second. I didn’t agree with Mike’s every word, but by golly he got me thinking. He also ignited a new desire in me to read. It helped me transition from working into retirement. I actually looked forward to reading his blog and discussing with my friend at lunch. I know Mike doesn’t like comments but I feel better having posted this.
    One last comment, Mike you should consider doing this for a living. I know this could be turned into a revenue stream.

  8. Kat Meyer Says:

    I’ll be seeing you on twitter, yes? And now what do i do with my blog’s link to your blog? do i need a special category for your dead blog?
    too much to deal with on the first day of the best year ever. i’ll think about it tomorrow, at tara…

  9. JamesM Says:

    Take care, Mike. I didn’t always agree with everything either, but you got me thinking. My favorite posts were the Iron Man animation, “pray for rain” and the “It’s a Wonderful Life” Christmas. I don’t tweet, but I see you on JKontherun occasionally. Be well.

  10. WLS Says:

    Don’t say goodbye ,rather -till you blog again. I know you have too much creativity and writing passion to give it up for long. Looking forward to that day when we read you again! You were a a shinning light and will be again.

  11. Lifedrivedoc Says:


    Best of luck on your future endeavors. I have enjoyed reading your witty take on things. I look forward to reading more of your stuff soon. You will be back, I know it.

    By the way, ask your Doctor about Lovaza. Fish oil extract made by Pfizer. I’ve had some good results with it recently. Less brain rot! :).

    Bon chance.
    Buena Suerta.
    Good Luck.

  12. […] Why Pre? Why Me? Why PrePoint? Filed under: Musings — mikecane @ 6:39 pm I was looking forward to a nice rest from blogging. […]

  13. zoewinters Says:

    Awwwww, I was wondering what you would do when 2008 ended. Damn man! You know you wouldn’t have felt half so insane if you’d just blogged once a day. Or maybe even just once a day on weekdays. ;)

  14. mikecane Says:

    @zoe: There have been times when I’ve missed having an all-purpose blog. Several items I would have liked to have blogged. Eh. Time to catch some rest.

  15. Sig Ueland Says:

    Hey Mike,
    Date me!


    Your SpaceHospital pals

    PS We miss you.

  16. Jo Anne Ware Says:

    Mike, will you date Sig?

  17. AffiliateGeek Says:

    Okay- I see. You blogged every day for a year. Nice. I like your photos!

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