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Writer Christopher Fowler: Goodies!

November 5, 2008

Over at his blog, writer Christopher Fowler offers these goodies: Watch Here… — a link to a short film made from one of his stories. It’s really freaky and well-done! Hear Here… — a link to a 5-minute podcast from Bantam Doubleday Dell which gives some insight into his excellent Bryant & May mystery series. […]

Writer Christopher Fowler Awarded

September 24, 2008

Blimey! I Won! At the British Fantasy Convention, his book Old Devil Moon won the award for Best Collection. But what is killer is his blogged account of it. We all need a laugh — and Fowler comes through with the funniest write-up I’ve ever read. It is classic Christopher Fowler and not to be […]

Christopher Fowler Undissed

September 8, 2008

As it should be: And as it was: Previously here: Christopher Fowler Dissed Again! Christopher Fowler Gets His Byline So Who Wrote This Then?

Christopher Fowler Dissed Again!

September 7, 2008

Someone is going to feel the Wrath of Feay! And here I thought England was sorting itself out. Now more evidence of imminent collapse! Previously here: Christopher Fowler Gets His Byline So Who Wrote This Then?

Christopher Fowler Re: Sarah Palin

September 3, 2008

Hear Bryant & May now… In which Christopher announces the availability of an unabridged audiobook of the latest Bryant & May mystery and then veers off with … These audio books are ideal to listen to while doing the ironing or simply siting there with a cup of tea, wondering how someone as frightening as […]

Christopher Fowler Gets His Byline

August 27, 2008

What it was: What it now is: See how dangerous I am? I follow-up. Perhaps not promptly, but the gears do grind to an inevitable re-inspection. Thanks to Suzi Feay, who is probably single-handedly holding together crumbling England. Previously here: Bryant & May To Continue!! So Who Wrote This Then? Writer Christopher Fowler Is Blogging! […]

Writer Christopher Fowler Is Blogging!

August 10, 2008

OMGZZZ!!! I knew Christopher Fowler was a modern sorta guy, but doing an actual blog is a step into Writer 2.0 territory and I’m glad he’s doing it! I’ve done my like-a-little-girlie gushing over the genius of his writing and the genius of his Bryant & May series (see end of post) and now I […]

Christopher Fowler Cover Development

July 17, 2008

Bryant & May get Very Big Letters on the UK cover of the latest in the series (which is due out in America at any moment or so). See Christopher Fowler’s ebook status Previously here: Christopher Fowler’s New Digs Doctor Who: Turn Left Christopher Fowler: March 2009 Christopher Fowler: Read His Books What I Look […]

Christopher Fowler’s New Digs

July 1, 2008

Writer extraordinaire Christopher Fowler has just unveiled his new site. Go look! Hmmm … bit of a problem there, Chris. People with monitors like mine will have to do an F11 in Firefox to enter full-screen mode, otherwise the Books menu falls off the bottom of the screen! Ah, teething pains! Previously here: Doctor Who: […]

Christopher Fowler: March 2009

April 3, 2008

Oh my god. The wait will kill me … unless I die first. I went over to Christopher Fowler’s site today to see if the cover for the upcoming Bryant & May mystery had been posted yet. No. But I did find news of a Fowler memoir being published: ‘Paperboy’ sold to Transworld The back […]