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Gerry Anderson: Still Screwed By ITV

December 29, 2008

Gerry Anderson – ”ITV Has Not Supported Me” wmv Gerry Anderson interviewed on ‘bbc breakfast’ They just did a retrospective of Thunderbirds — showing All About Thunderbirds again — and kicked off a repeat of the entire series itself. On BBC. Not on ITV, which owns the series. How fucked-up is that?

Gerry Anderson New Scarlet Videos

December 6, 2008

There are several videos dealing with Gerry Anderson’s New Captain Scarlet now up on Youtube. I suspect at least one of them came from a UK DVD of the series. But since that series is not for sale here in the USA … By the way, check whatever HDTV service you are using. New Scarlet […]

Gerry Anderson BBC Interview

November 17, 2008

This one got by me … until now! Talking Shop: Gerry Anderson Some choice bits: It’s been reported you are making a new CGI Thunderbirds and are in negotiations to buy the rights back from ITV. I have be careful about this, but I think there will be a new series and I will be […]

Gerry Anderson: GFI Is No Go

November 8, 2008

Gerry Anderson Interview about GFI (1992) 1992 BBC1 interview with Gerry Anderson about his new animation series GFI, which was abandoned after the first episode due to underfunding. Previously here: Speakers UP! Barry Gray Pop Music Strings: A Puppet Movie Orbitz And Dell: Puppet Ads Gerry Anderson’s Space Precinct Extinct: Super Adventure Team TV Series […]

Gerry Anderson’s Space Precinct

November 2, 2008

This is not among my favorites. Neither was it a favorite of local TV station WPIX, which scheduled it at something like 1 or 2 AM! This is not available on DVD in America. So here’s a chance to get a glimpse of it. Space Precinct wikipedia entry more about "Gerry Anderson’s Space Precinct", posted […]

Gerry Anderson: Not UFO Season 2

October 27, 2008

Trawling through YouTube for some posting inspiration today, I found this: U.F.O. II – TV Show Opening Sequence Music to a never realised second season of the very famous SciFi-Series from England, named “UFO (1970)”. I’ve made this music in 1993 with Korg-DSS1 and Roland-Pro E, but without any computer sequencers freely after the UFO-Melody, […]

Video: Indirect Gerry Anderson

October 20, 2008

I got a kick out of this. It obviously uses a few screensnaps I’ve taken and used in this blog. It begins with Star Trek, but quickly goes to Gerry Anderson, with the complete 45rpm recording of Barry Gray’s song from Fireball XL5. FIREBALL XL5 AND FRIENDS

Two More Gerry Anderson Videos

October 10, 2008

I think this popped up on YouTube before, but wasn’t embeddable. Resolution is terrible, but the audio is OK. And it features behind-the-scenes live filming footage of Terrahawks! Gerry Anderson And here’s another leaked clip from Gerry Anderson’s Eternity demo reel: Gerry Andersons Eternity. Swatship cockpit view clip

Two Gerry Anderson Videos

September 27, 2008

The audio is rough in the first few seconds of this one. Stick with it. GERRY ANDERSON INTERVIEW 19/09/08 – BBC RADIO KENT – NEW SERIES OF THUNDERBIRDS REVEALED! Well, this is news! Thunderbirds (the entire TV series) is coming to Blu-Ray Disc! I’m so far behind, now I can skip the DVD and eventually […]

Some Rare Gerry Anderson Videos

September 7, 2008

MrJim over at YouTube disappoints me by disallowing embedding of his videos. He has a great collection too! I’ll have to content myself with providing the text links: The Saturday Show – Terrahawks Special (Part One) The Saturday Show Terrahawks special as shown on Central TV in 1984. Features an interview with Gerry Anderson & […]