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The Conclusion Of Mike Cane 2008

December 31, 2008


Pull the strings! Pull the strings!

And for a year, I have.

I had no frikkin idea what nearly a solid year of blogging would be like.


Dear God. I am wiped out!


Some days made me absolutely fucking insane. Even without Simvastatin rotting my mind!

And now I have reached the end.


Two bits of advice before I go.

The first for dealing with the financial chaos of 2009:


The second for every writer and would-be writer out there:


And that’s all there is.

Thanks to everyone who stalked this blog, irregularly popped in, and also linked to it.

My online presence will now flatline. I’ll likely — maybe — pop up on Twitter for reaction to MacWorld Expo and CES introductions.

But a new blog? I have no plans for one.

I need rest!







Blog Notes: 1

December 30, 2008

We race towards Zero Hour here!


There are less than twenty-four hours left to this blog!

“But,” people ask, “What will you do after this?”

My fingers will still be busy:


With a series of children’s books!

The Happy Stabby Family!


There’s Junior Stabby:


Papa Stabby:


And Uncle Fun Stabby:


Oh, I just know you’re all waiting for this! I can tell.

I can feel your reaction through my screen:


All of this is my kindly way of saying:



Blog Notes: 2

December 29, 2008

Look at time flying!

(Yes, it’s earlier than last night’s post. So I messed up! Shut up!)

There are now just two days left to this blog!


Soon my frenetic fingers will cease.




Wait until Wednesday before midnight!

Blog Notes: 3

December 28, 2008


Time is running out here.


It’s Sunday. This blog dies before midnight Wednesday.


Do the math.



December 21, 2008


Always Do A Scan.

I had something really slowing down this PC today.

I ran Ad-Aware 2008, because that’s the fastest triage scan. avast! anti-virus takes the entire day.

And, lo! There was a trojan downloader!

Quarantined, rebooted, and better.

I’m taking most of the blogging day off.

And there are now only ten calendar days remaining to this blog.

Minus Christmas, only nine days.

Blog Notes: Another Short Day

December 18, 2008

Bleh. I’m not pleased by this. But an afternoon appointment looms.

When I get back, I hope to do the blog post for Leverage episode 3.

Meanwhile, the hell with global warming. Did you know our magnetic field is dying and we might turn into the next Mars?

Blog Notes: Another Short Day

December 16, 2008

Weep or dance. Your choice.

I have an afternoon appointment that will probably devour the best blogging hours.

Only fifteen days left to this blog anyway.

Well, minus no-blog day of Christmas, only fourteen.

Blog Notes: Late Start Today

December 15, 2008

Deal with it.

Only sixteen days left to this blog anyway.

Blog Notes: End Of Today

December 9, 2008

An unexpected computing task has cut short this day.

More tomorrow.

I’m Back In Firefox 2.x

December 8, 2008

Yes, Chrome was faster.

But the UI feedback just sucks.

I had tabs sit there blank. I had one tab not want to close or switch to Google(!). I just could not get used to New Tab going to the right of the current one and not all the way to the right.

At the bottom left of Fox, when I go to any site, I get a very detailed enunciation of everyfrikkinthing that’s being switched through to build the site. With Chrome, I’d only get the the main URL. I’d have no idea of what was delaying anything.

iTweet gave me refresh errors and was slower than Twitterfox. Plus, it seemed to arrange tweets in a tossed salad fashion. I kept missing tweets. Since I’ve gone back to Firefox, I’ve found two Private tweets I didn’t see in iTweet.

So, Firefox 2.x — slow as shit, yes. But my brain has been sutured to it.