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Gerry Anderson: Still Screwed By ITV

December 29, 2008

Gerry Anderson – ”ITV Has Not Supported Me” wmv

Gerry Anderson interviewed on ‘bbc breakfast’

They just did a retrospective of Thunderbirds — showing All About Thunderbirds again — and kicked off a repeat of the entire series itself.


Not on ITV, which owns the series.

How fucked-up is that?

Dying Dinosaurs Of Print: CHOOSE!

November 29, 2008

Over at Kung-Fu Monkey, Leverage co-creator/producer John Rogers posted: Streaming Mac to 360: Rivet.

It’s all about how on-demand streaming video via the Net is not the future — it’s right now.

This coincidentally dovetails nicely with my recent DVD epiphany.

And there’s one paragraph that I must quote:

The tone of voice when I talk about these things tend to be a disdainful “Well, sure but how are we supposed to monetize this?” Right question, wrong tone. We. Don’t. Have. A. Choice.

Emphasis added by me.

The music industry has been usurped by technology. Now television has been too. And movies.

The one remaining industry is book publishing.

Google has already stolen all of the historical backlist.

All that’s left is recent and not yet published.

It’s as if the book publishing industry was situated on a giant iceberg — which suddenly cracked apart, leaving publishers on a precarious floe.

Over there in a big rescue ship are eBook readers screaming, “We’ll save you! Just publish eBooks quickly and at reasonable prices!!!”

On the other side are the pirates on a self-built makeshift archipelago in international waters free from all law enforcement. They don’t care what book publishers do. They have worldwide distributed teams with scanners and free proofreaders ready to “set everything free.”

And on the horizon are writers themselves in small boats trying to figure out how to best survive on their own, liberated from the constraints of ink-and-paper publishing.

Book publishing — unlike music, unlike TV, unlike movies — Still. Has. A. Choice.

Will it allow eBook readers to rescue it?

Major Terror Attack In Mumbai, India

November 26, 2008

All other activities here have been suspended while I monitor the major terror attack happening in Mumbai, India.

Live scrolling Twitter feed.

Live IBN/CNN streaming video.

Live photos on Flickr.

Thanks to everyone on Twitter for sharing!

Twitter has been ahead of American TV from the start.

My sympathies to all the victims of this horrible attack.

Book Web Series?!

November 21, 2008


Novel Adventures

About Novel Adventures

Join Lizzie and the girls for a new adventure every Monday and Friday starting November 3rd. This is not your ordinary book club.

Lizzie, Laura, Joanna, and Amy are decidedly uninterested in the pretentious book club they belong to, but they enjoy the time away from their families. Determined to take their ‘us’-time and enjoy it, they decide to use the books as inspiration. It’s great to read about amazing lives, but these girls are ready to live them.

And so, the four women start a new kind of book club, picking a “novel adventure” for each book. Each meeting is an opportunity for discovery, freedom, and fun. The adventure is just the beginning.

I gave episode five a little over two minutes.

Then I had to bail for the sake of my sanity.

Maybe you’ll have better luck.

— via Twitter from mdash

Reference: Print To Online

September 30, 2008

The economics of moving from print to online: lose one hundred, get back eight

Let’s kill a myth. The dream of a compact newsroom, able to output a high-intensity general news website doesn’t fly. Numbers simply don’t add up. And here is why.

The cruelty of accounting and simple math again.

An article in which the basic principles can be applied to many labor-intensive efforts that try to move to the web (for instance, TV).

My Reaction To Sanctuary

September 28, 2008

Someone whose name I’ve forgotten after the trauma mentioned Sanctuary on Twitter.

Sanctuary was pointed to at Sci-Fi Channel’s site. Unfortunately, the propellerhead who did their site stuck so much frikkin Flash on one page that I couldn’t get to the video to play!

So, like everyone else, I went to YouTube.

Within five minutes of episode one, I wanted to bail. It annoyed me slightly less than Gemini Division (which made me want to die after five minutes!), so I stuck with it.

I made it to episode three, then it all hit the fan:

You’ll notice I haven’t provided any links to the two web series I’ve mentioned here.

This is called revenge.

Debut Episode Of Fox TV’s Fringe

September 12, 2008

Even though I got the “authorized” Internet leak on Sunday, I didn’t actually get around to watching it til today. Which is four days after it appeared on television.

Still, I think the world must be warned!

Hello. Welcome to Fringe. No, this is not an ad for soda!

This is important. Please engage the Auto Pilot of your brain.

From time to time, we will display …

… what we technically term …

… Big-Ass Dumbass Titles …

… some of which will look like fucking UFOs hovering over a city …

.. and will sometimes be angled to make them cool and hard to read …

… and will sometimes be positioned to make you go WTF?!!!? …

… all in order to disguise the fact we are doing …

… a third-rate rip-off of the The X-Files!

Please meet our cliches: An FBI agent too stupid to realize her lover is a turncoat who will be blown up in the first act …

… the evil twin, because, you know, there was a writer’s strike and this shit can’t be expected to be good, can it? …

.. and the oooooh mysterious world-dominating corporation because, like fuck, we did tell you to put your brain on Auto Pilot, right?

And if you ignored our advice, you probably feel like this by the end of our stupid fucking script. Sorry, Charlie, no refund on the one hour and twenty-one minutes you wasted!

If you want to see really good TV, change the channel to Spongebob.