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A Statin Drug Can Murder Your Mind

November 17, 2008

Who Should Take a Statin?

The benefits of the statin were so striking that a monitoring board stopped the trial in midcourse so that the placebo group could get the medicine, too. Those who got the statin had 54 percent fewer heart attacks, 48 percent fewer strokes and 20 percent fewer deaths from all causes. The participants included men 50 and older and women 60 and older with no history of heart disease or high cholesterol. But they all had high levels of CRP, and many had such other risk factors as high blood pressure, obesity and smoking. Whether the statin helped because it reduced normal cholesterol to even lower levels or because it reduced CRP levels is not clear.

The rah-rah blind cheerleading of this New York Times Editorial(!) is very disturbing.

It ignores the accounts of many people whose lives have been devastated by the side-effects of statin drugs.

I was on my way to being one of those people.

The human body is the most complex system we have ever encountered. Apparently some people are able to escape the worst possible side-effects of these drugs. Others, like me, cannot.

It’s vital to know what these possible side-effects are and to be extremely vigilant in determining if they are creeping up on you. For that’s how they happen: in very, very small steps that are invisible until they impact in a very, very big way.

See my prior posts here for how Simvastatin nearly ate my mind. I’m still not convinced that I’ve been able to reverse all of its effects. We don’t have the scientific tools to measure that. And in my own case, I lack the pre-statin brain scans, etc, that could show any Before & After differences.

There is one thing I’m thoroughly convinced of: All cases of Alzheimer’s disease should first be treated by removing statins from a victim’s daily routine. Re-cholesterolize the brain and see if that makes a difference. I think we’d see many cases of Alzheimer’s disappear — or at least dramatically improve — when statins are withdrawn.

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Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #370: Paradox

November 8, 2008

During my day off yesterday, I walked the earth of the southern tip of Manhattan.

Talk about cognitive dissonance!

In Borders, I saw someone getting ready to buy a Sony Reader. There were people buying books.

J&R had a good number of people buying things.

Even the street vendors were doing brisk business. Where the hell did all this Obama merch come from? T-shirts galore and even buttons (going for $5.00 each!).

In my own neighborhood, a mini shopping center is still being built. The city just tore up part of a wide street to install a physical green divider. A park rehab was recently finished.

Isn’t there supposed to be a quadrillion dollars evaporating? Aren’t we in a right lousy financial mess?

I didn’t see any signs of anything at all like that yesterday.

Reference: Quantum Time

November 6, 2008


The Transactional Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics

I am excited about this because as I said before, it “feels” right and helps explain the almost psychic behavior of photons in quantum computers. They react to possibilities that have NOT YET Occurred in our present. This is to put it mildly, a huge mind-fuck.

I must read this thoroughly.

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Did Einstein Have A Theory Of Loopholes?

November 6, 2008


That’s all I’d need to happen to freak me out. Run into a future me.

Now Me: Where the hell did you come from?

Future Me: What do you mean? I’ve always been here!

Now Me: Tell me what happens in the future!

Future Me: Are you nuts? You’re younger. You’ve traveled here into the future from my past. Go back there and live it out! But better!

Time’s arrow all right. Shaped like a screw!

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Satan Island: Rescue Me!!!

November 6, 2008

Staten Island teen: Gang beat me while shouting ‘Obama’

No no no. That’s not the point of this post. The Comments are the point. Go read them. You’ll risk your brain exploding. This is what someone posted in reaction to the Comments:

I cannot believe what I am reading here.

I am so happy that there is a world outside of this boro.I have never read items more despicable, or disgusting than some of the material that many of you have presented. Living here is like living on another world.

I get elated that Obama won, I think that there might be hope for this country, and then by chance I read this crap that I am reading, and I get very pessimistic of our future. Someone please tell me that what I see in Staten ISland, is not typical of the rest of this country.

Some of you just write and send things that are so psychotic, and hateful, it is frightening. You show lack of thought, uncaring for others, racism,and so many horrible attributes that it makes me wonder where society went wrong to create such warped minds.

A psychiatrist, or psychologist would have a field day on this site.

This is really a beautiful boro occupied by people with twisted, distorted minds, who are so pre-occupied with themselves that they forget about the rest of mankind.

Yep, Satan Island summed up perfectly.

Rescue me!!!

Personal: So, Last Night …

November 5, 2008

… I went to sleep about 9:55PM EST. Took a transistor radio to bed with me to listen to the coverage.

A whole bunch more states were to be announced at 11PM.

But Ohio had already gone for Obama, so I knew it was over. I knew it was over at 9PM.

At about 10:20PM, it was lights out for me.

Slipped into the land of Morpheus by surprise.

Had some weird dreams I do not recall.

Woke at 1AM, hearing a radio host saying Obama’s acceptance speech had occurred about forty-five minutes earlier.

Listened for noise outside.

No noise.

Went back to sleep.

I still haven’t seen the video of the speeches of either McCain or Obama.

And I’m interested to see what Ralph Nader’s final vote slice turned out to be.

Now, can everybody just STFU about politics at least until Inauguration Day?

Note To Self: Must Read Cosmic Banditos

November 3, 2008

Cosmic Banditos

— Via Twitter from TwitterLit