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Photo Album: Snow Attack 2008 War Journal

December 19, 2008

Since this morning, all of New York City has been under attack from white stuff lobbed by the fierce kilt-wearing Canadianistas and their smiling Arcticturian overlords!

I am one of the few still alive, with a crapcam to document this horror!



The houses of worship are empty! People have given up on God!



The streets are empty of life!

This is so sad:


Human beings would sit there. Now, forever a ruin!

And this is tragic:


The ghostly imprints of trudging refugees!

We are all abandoned:


And then mockery of mockeries! I came across:


One of the stormtroopers of the smiling Arcticturians! And me without a gun or knife!

Car are abandoned at curbside:


People know it is fruitless to try to escape!

Witness the horror through my eyes:


Well, the gimlet eye of the crapcam, at least!


Global warming?! These green lifeforms will not survive to burn to to a crisp!


I made it to the supermarket, crowded with despair …


… where they have been reduced to offering the burned bodies of birds for sustenance! Look this cruelty!


They expect us to maintain our dim lives with that?!

On the way back, I knew all hope was gone!


Just like in New Orleans during Katrina: the school buses aren’t being used to evacuate us!!!

Avenge New York City! If Bush was a real man, he’d use a few of those nukes we’ve been bled to pay for! Melt that damn polar ice cap and get the economy going again!!

Photo Album: Snow Attack 2008

December 19, 2008

Of course, after I got a fresh AAA battery in it and tortured the crapcam back into taking pictures, the blitz let up. Still, here are some photos of this horrible and unprovoked attack from the merciless Canadianistas and the heartless Arcticturians.




It’s clear I will be taking my life in my hands as I venture out to run to the store to stock up on war supplies.

Doesn’t much matter.

Doing this blog is sucking the life out of me as it is. Hurry up, damn you, December 31st!!

White Castle, Brooklyn, NY

December 14, 2008


Where the scene from Saturday Night Fever was shot.

I was there that night.

Long gone. One of the victims of the Yuppie Eighties.

Photo stolen, of course, off the Internet.

Smart Car Pr0n For A November Weekend

November 2, 2008

All photos taken Saturday November 1, 2008 with the Philips crapcam.

First, the usual gray baby I nearly always encounter:

Then I was shocked to encounter a new yellow lovely:

And shocked again when I came upon a gorg-o-licious red one:

If you squint, you can see a traffic officer writing it a ticket!

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Photo Album: New York City, Baby!

October 11, 2008

All photos taken with the Philips crapcam.

First two photos taken Tuesday, October 7, 2008:

Seated in front of the New York Stock Exchange is a certified Life Coach (the sign says so!), one of those bottom-feeders who prey on the ineptness and insecurities of others.

The New York Stock Exchange, aka Satan’s Branch Of Greed On Earth.

Remaining photos taken today, Saturday, October 11, 2008:

The corporate logos you see have nothing to do with the mural, which is below a freaking building-high ad for a videogame. Keep your gated community and sterile suburbs. This mural is exquisite. Only in New York City, mofos!

Our graffiti is better than yours. It’s Art!

Our street artists will create at home and bring it outside to tack it up!

Satan has an outlet store here too: That’s a Hello Kitty toaster!

And we know evil when we see it, dammit:

Satan’s Bitch. Too bad the crapcam cut off her horns!

This is New York City, baby.

You stay where the hell you are.

The rents are already too high for people like me — who deserve this city.

Photo Album: Latest Sylvania Netbook At J&R

October 4, 2008

I popped into J&R this morning. I saw a white MSI Wind. I also saw the latest version of Sylvania’s Netbook and grabbed some pics with the Philips crapcam.

Asus EeePC 1000, Sylvania Netbook

MSI Wind, Asus EeePC 1000, Sylvania Netbook, older Sylvania Netbook

Notice how the keyboard looks real

See that keyboard?

Looks good, huh?

Left, third row from top: near-microscopic Tab key!

This unit had a “Ubuntu Certified” sticker on it …

… yeah, like WTF?

Sylvania (or whoever created this design) cheated on that keyboard. The keys are tapered to be narrow on top, to provide the look of a real keyboard. Then when you try to type, you fall through the trapdoor into Typo City! The key depth is great, but the keytops are so damned small, it’s near impossible to do even slow typing without hitting the wrong key.

I guess there was some sort of customized version of Ubuntu running on it. I launched OpenOffice to try typing. And it was so slow!

J&R didn’t have a price for this. Their website lists it at $359.00.

Pass it up.

Red Sony Reader: REAL Pictures!

September 24, 2008

A kind soul who wishes to remain uncredited sent me three real pictures of the red Sony Reader!

Click to make big!

OK, now is it tempt-o-liciously gorgeous and lustitastically irresistible?


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