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Philadelphia Is Destroying Its Public Libraries

December 30, 2008

Some targeted library branches may be saved

Mayor Nutter said yesterday that five of the 11 library branches once scheduled to close permanently on Thursday are instead on track to be taken over by private foundations, wealthy individuals, companies, and community development corporations.

It was not immediately clear which branches have sponsors and the mayor did not identify the benefactors.

But Nutter expressed confidence that in time private operators could convert each of the branches now on his budget chopping block into community “knowledge centers” that would offer similar or perhaps even superior services to those now available. Though the services would vary from branch to branch, Nutter said the centers would likely retain book collections, computers, and perhaps even trained librarians.

Emphasis added by me.

This guy is certainly true to form to his surname: Nutter.

Hey, how’d you like to have to rely on, say, the Exxon-Mobil Knowledge Center for information about the oil companies?

I could go on in that vein and get really inflammatory, but fuck it, this blog dies tomorrow and I’m burned out as it is doing this.

This is the systematic destruction of the world as we have known it by the same bastards who brought us to this brink.

Are there any men left in America to stop this shit?

The Last Man In England?

December 23, 2008

Pistol-whipped husband vows to get revenge on robbers who beat up his wife during raid on their home

A husband whose wife was beaten up by robbers during a raid on their home has vowed to get revenge if they meet again.

Graham Eaton, who was also pistol-whipped by the thugs, told how the couple were held at gunpoint in their £750,000 converted barn and warned they may be killed.

Mr Eaton’s terrified wife, Lesley, had a knife held to her throat and the butt of a pistol smashed into her eye during the half-hour ordeal at their home in Wimborne, Dorset.

He was struck on the head with a handgun, tied up and beaten about the legs with a baseball bat.

The couple were convinced they were going to be tortured and killed until Mrs Eaton faked a heart attack and the three thugs fled.

Now Mr Eaton, who runs a successful horticultural business, has vowed to get revenge on their attackers.

He said: ‘I can look after myself but I will never forgive them for what they did to my wife.

‘I just want to get revenge for that and want to meet them man to man and see what they’re really made of.

‘I would kill them and I know I’m capable of doing that to them and I’ve told the police that.

‘They are scum of the earth and should be exterminated – we are quite robust but what they did would kill someone fragile and older than us.’

Graham Eaton should be the next Prime Minister.

He’d sort out the shit I see daily in the horrifying headlines I get from England.

I’m telling you, if England goes under, we all do.

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Quote: Filmmaker Eugene Jarecki

December 20, 2008

Why 2009 Could Eat Barack Obama Alive

Anyone who thinks that Republicans own the copyright on war or on corporate cronyism in America hasn’t read a history book.

Maud Newton Cracks Me Up

December 17, 2008


The Spirit Of “Baghdad Bob” Lives!

December 14, 2008

Video: Reporter Throws Shoes At Bush

Apparently most people have forgotten the sacred vow uttered by The Greatest PR Person In All History: Mohammed Saïd al-Sahaf, colloquially referred to by his fans and admirers (like me!) as “Baghdad Bob.”

This guy daily stood before the world’s assembled press and mocked the invasion of Iraq, defied the observations of the entire world, and came up with some stunningly-brilliant lines.

One of them was:

We will welcome them with bullets and shoes.

Well, the shoe bit worked out as poorly as the bullet effort.

But damn, I just love it that some people never forget!

Mohammed Saïd al-Sahaf, pour yourself a drink.

Here’s a compilation (alas, lacking the greatest lines!):

Mohammed Saïd al-Sahaf

I actually bought the DVD put out about him!

I’m still waiting for this one:

God will roast their stomachs in hell at the hands of Iraqis.

What poetry!


We Love the Iraqi Information Minister website

Quote: Adam T. Wamack & Rubén Harris

December 11, 2008

I thought the post overall nebulous and touchy-feely, but it did offer one great insight, below.

Humanity 2.0: A Call To Action

And what is more dangerous and self-damaging than the war that you do not even know that you are in?

I don’t see real solutions here, except acknowledging the above is the true first step towards them.

Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #460: Protest!

December 6, 2008

Workers Stay At Shuttered Window Plant
Union Claims Bank Of America Has Violated Their Rights In Cutting Off Republic Windows And Doors

CHICAGO (CBS) ― Dozens of former employees of Republic Windows and Doors continued to remain at the shuttered North Side plant late Friday, saying they’re being cheated.

The ex-workers say they found out only three days before Friday’s closing that they would be without a job. Some of them also learned they would not get the vacation they’ve earned to date or the insurance coverage they were promised.

More than 200 union workers staged a sit-in of sorts until they they got what they say is legally owed to them.

The union says company officials told employees they were closing shop because Bank of America would no longer extend Republic its line of credit. Bank of America wouldn’t confirm that due to confidentiality issues. Workers say the fact that Bank of America received $25 billion in the federal bailout makes this even more unacceptable.

“More than 300 people are working here, and what are we going to do now?” employee Vicente Rangel said. “We don’t get any single benefit. They even telling us they are not guarantee our payment for the week we just worked.”

Emphasis added by me.

Bank of America is doing this?

Hey, Chicago workers, this is the same bank that wanted to give illegal aliens credit cards! Can all of you get credit cards from Bank of America?

Keep up the pressure and God bless your cause — for it is just!

Our Government Is Out Of Control

December 6, 2008

SWAT Team Like Radio by Ohio authorities on a farm house in LaGange

Ohio authorities stormed a farm house in LaGange Monday, December 1, to execute a search warrant, holding the Jacqueline and John Stowers and their son and young grandchildren at gunpoint for nine hours. During the raid the Ohio Department of Agriculture and police confiscated over ten thousand dollars worth of food, computers and cell phones. The Stowers’ crime? They run a private, members-only food co-op.

While state authorities were looking for evidence of illegal activities, the family was not informed what crime they were suspected of, they were not read their rights or allowed to make a phone call. The children, some as young as toddlers, were traumatized by armed officers interrogating the adults with guns drawn.

Emphasis added by me.

A terrible, terrible day of reckoning is coming.

Spare not your hand against them!

Today For Today And Not For Tomorrow

November 29, 2008

the flimsiness of everyday life

It is clear that nothing new is ever built well. Contemporary architectural design seems to take its cue from a combination of the Big Brother house and the office of a focus group, all lime green and oranges, loud circles and fun fun fun. Sitting in the Building Centre with Owen the other day, we discussed what it meant, or must mean. Nothing must remind anyone of the past, everything must be perky, like toys for grown-ups. Relational aesthetics as anti-modernism. Architects must make their mark all the way down, designing bespoke fixtures that break almost immediately and are too expensive to replace. Construction is poorly done, and radically unsuitable for the fiddly baroque toy furnishings that characterise the architecture of the past decade. And yet – wildly over-budget, we have a set piece! Think of the added value to the area! How many mini-Bilbao-effects can we set in motion…

This is an excellent essay. Go read it.

I’m too tired to dredge my mind for all of its implications, but there are many.

And it’s yet another Exhibit to add to the daily-enlarging file titled England Is Doomed.

This Is Your Sanity Prescription

November 23, 2008


They all say freedom is at the end. But freedom is at the beginning.

— Krishnamurti

Two posts by others in the span of one week addressed a similar issue in different ways. With the second post, just today, I found myself wanting to rip out my hair. Because the confusion I witnessed was just so goddammed unnecessary.

The posts do not matter. The issue is knowing who you are.

Some people don’t.

For the longest time, I didn’t.

Some of us are not lucky enough to be have been born to parents with a large view of life. Some of us are born into families and neighborhoods where the biggest ambition is to be able to fill your belly and be grateful for having attained that basic goal.

Part of me really wants to rip into that, berating that narrow field of vision, but those people have been formed by their own experiences, their own disappointments, and even their own lack of ambition. The problem is that they pass that onto others as what is normal.

It’s not.

We are not educated to inquire. We are educated to conform.

— Krishnamurti

There is no “normal.”

“Christ,” Dickie muttered, scratching his greasy hair with the end of a ballpoint pen. “Another eccentric. What is this, are there more eccentrics these days or just fewer normal people?”

“There never have been normal people. It’s a myth,” I said as I reached under the sofa cushions looking for an antidepressant I might have dropped while I was opening the bottle. “Listen, Dickie, there are just crazy people and statisticians. Of course, there is some overlap.”

— The Music of What Happens by John Straley; pg. 25-26

Must I do the cliche thing and trot out the “crazy” to hammer home the point? Apple based an entire ad campaign on that theme!

I’m not saying other people of the same type of mind will rise to their prominence. What I am saying is that it’s critically important for one’s own life to recognize being one of them.


I flailed for years and years not fitting into any corporate pigeonhole. Not understanding what was happening when Me encountered Them. They — to use that alienating term — are, for varying reasons, different than Us. That in no way makes them better than us — or us better than them. (Let me kill that poisonous Ayn Randian notion right now.)

But what happens on Our end is that We are made to feel deficient or defective or malfunctioning or — even — crazy.

Well, in three short words: Fuck. That. Shit.

It wasn’t until about ten years ago I was pushed to read a book I’d heard about but never had the impetus to investigate. It was, as Gulley Jimson said when he gazed upon a painting that opened up new artistic vistas for him, something that skinned my eyes. It was to me a religious experience. That book is my Bible.

It’s now the cornerstone of my Standard Sanity Prescription for people who don’t know who they are.

This is the prescription:

Two movies:
The Horse’s Mouth
A Fine Madness

Four books:
The Outsider by Colin Wilson
Touched with Fire: Manic-Depressive Illness and the Artistic Temperament by Kay Redfield Jamison
The Price of Greatness: Resolving the Creativity and Madness Controversy by Arnold M. Ludwig
Limbo: Blue Collar Roots, White Collar Dreams by Alfred Lubrano

I’m not providing links for the books because I want you to do some minor work to investigate them.

But don’t click around and have them filtered through the eyes of others (one description I’ve just looked at of The Outsider is frighteningly misleading). Read them for yourself.

In fact, just frikkin buy them. You’ll want to keep them.

The Outsider is my Bible. I saw myself on just about every page of that book.

Limbo is essential if you come from that socioeconomic background and might also be otherwise useful if you did not.

This, it seemed to me, is the basic difference between human beings. Some are perfectly satisfied with what they have; they eat, drink, impregnate their wives, and take life as it comes. Others can never forget that they are being cheated; that life tempts them to struggle by offering them the essence of sex, of beauty, of success; and that she always seems to pay in counterfeit money.

— The Outsider; Twenty Years Later addendum, by Colin Wilson


Know who you are and no one, no thing can conquer you.

Forces of containment
They shove their fat faces into mine
You and I just smile
Because we’re thinking the same lines

— “I Like You” by Morrissey

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