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Stopping My Statin

February 14, 2008

I’m on 40 milligrams of Simvastatin (the Zocor generic).

I’m stopping it tonight.

I see from my records that I first reported cognitive side-effects less than six months after beginning Zocor (I was taking the brand name at the start). After telling my doctor (who did not mention the possibility of any mental effects!), I went off it for two weeks. I saw no difference — that is, my mind functioning did not improve — so I went back on.

But the memory and cognitive deterioration has been accelerating these past 2-3 months. For example, this morning while in the shower, I couldn’t remember if I had shampooed my hair. I also forgot something else — but have since forgotten what it was I forgot.

This is not the mind I used to have.

November 27 of last year was the first post I did that hinted at something wrong. I’d been feeling just like that for months.

My bad cholesterol level is incredibly low. I believe it must be too low. My brain cannot function without a certain amount of cholesterol coming in. Meanwhile, my doctors are more concerned about my arteries.

Well, they’ll have to come up with some other way of making my arteries happy because I refuse to live with an evaporating mind.

In other words: If staying on a statin means I can have ten more years of life as a zombie, I’d rather die in five years as a non-zombie.

I intend to stay off the statin for at least six months now. And I’m going to do something I did not do during those prior two weeks off it: boost my cholesterol.

For anyone out there in a similar situation: the above is not meant to be advice for you. Don’t be an ass who blindly imitates someone else.

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Give Me Back My Mind!

Give Me Back My Mind!

February 13, 2008

There are two updates to this post, within.

This is very distressing news.

Good For The Heart, Bad For The Mind? — Flash video from ABC News


Update: Someone uploaded the video segment to YouTube. You can watch it here without going to ABC’s site:

I’m on one of these goddamned things.

I noticed mental effects right away. Had to twist my doctor’s arm in order to get off it to confirm my contention.

Worse news: It did not reverse the effects.

So I’ve been back on it.

But the effects are getting worse recently. I’ve been joking about premature Alzheimer’s. Turns out it’s no joke. These things can mimic that.

Worst of all, my writing has turned to utter shit.

I didn’t think to Google this until now. Because I didn’t know about it. I hadn’t been told of this possible side effect!

Some Docs in Denial About Statin Side Effects

According to a recent survey of 650 patients, doctors dismissed or ignored patients’ concerns about statin side effects more often than they acknowledged them.1 Among the symptoms encountered by patients were muscle pain, cognitive deficits, and finger and toe numbness—all side effects reported in the literature[.]

Patients Report Damaging Side Effects From Lipitor

Maureen Webber had to quit her job. She has to write everything down in a journal or else she’ll forget right away.

And former NASA astronaut Duane Graveline has had two bouts of temporary amnesia.

Is Your Doctor in Denial?

Most said they’d complained to their doctors about such possible side effects as problems with memory or attention, or tingling or numbness in their hands and feet.


I have taken Lipitor for several years. I now notice numbness in my feet and sporadic memory loss, difficulty balancing my checkbook and using the computer.

Malpractice and Statin Drugs Side Effects

Five years have passed since my transient global amnesia reaction to the statin drug, Lipitor, was made public knowledge. At that time dozens of doctors and pharmacists assured me that, “Statins don’t do that.”

Statin | Side Effects — a long list of links!

Emphasis added by me in all quotes above.

I don’t know what to do about this yet. When I had mentioned getting off of this altogether to my pharmacist, he said it might not be possible. He said some people are genetically predisposed to manufacturing excess cholesterol.

I must call my doctor tomorrow. I need to get this straightened out.

I want my fucking mind back!

Update: This is the Wall Street Journal article referenced in the ABC video.