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Microsoft: The GM Of Software

December 7, 2008

Look what Vista has done to the usually very good-natured Stephen Fry!


You wouldn’t want to listen to what I say out loud daily to this piece of shit PC — which runs XP.

For just one single twenty-four hour period, I pray for every Microsoft employee and programming contractor to break out in Job’s skin disease.

Those smug code-bloating bastards would get the message and quickly start fixing and slimming everything down afterwards!

Delete RedSwoosh.exe

November 29, 2008

In my continuing battle with this goddammed Microsoft-sabotaged PC, I called up Task Manager at one point early in the day and noticed something very strange.

RedSwoosh.exe was listed. But I’d seen that before.

This time, however, it was — when Task Manager was sorted to CPU usage — irregularly popping to the top at the list and eating 97-98% of CPU!


I did some research. Red Swoosh as a sole company no longer exists. It was purchased by Akamai and there is no way to get information about the program from them (at least that I could discover).

I remember a long time ago having Red Swoosh recommended somewhere for some sort of P2P app.

And then today I also discovered that Red Swoosh is used by the FoxTorrent plug-in. I have that plug-in, but never used it, and it’s been turned off.

So, I uninstalled the FoxTorrent plug-in and then I went to Control Panel and uninstalled RedSwoosh.exe.

I haven’t done comprehensive testing, but I can say for today, the PC has seemed peppier.

If any of you have been experiencing intermittent sluggishness on your PC, look for RedSwoosh.exe and uninstall it.

Wayne MacPhail’s Linux Vindication

October 22, 2008

Picking up from chronicling Wayne MacPhail’s Linux misery yesterday, I excerpt his new blog post:

This is not my first run at Linux. Like Mike I’ve had it running on a Nokia 770, then 800 tablet computer and I’ve installed Ubuntu on a desktop system and a laptop, but each time I found that doing anything useful, like hooking up to a wireless network or installing a printer driver was a royal pain in the ass.

This time took the cake, though. How open source folks think Linux dialects like Linux Linpus are ready for prime time I’ll never understand. It is an OS for nerdboys, full stop. Look, I’ve been programming and using computers since I was using punchcards and this experience had me ripping out what’s left of my hair. God knows how an average user would cope. Well, just like I did, they’d march the computer back to the store. That can’t be good for the open source movement, and certainly wasn’t good for my nerves today.

Less than twenty-four hours later, he’s been vindicated.

Apricot drops ‘too complicated’ Linux from netbook line

“Apricot has made this decision to ensure customers have a smooth installation of their operating system,” the company told Register Hardware.

“The Linux version proved too complicated with initial testers, who would opt to purchase and install XP any way.

“Apricot believes that this will be a more attractive product offering for their target customers, because as soon as it is switched on, it is ready for use.”

Hey, admit it, Asus. You went with Linux because it was cheap — read: free — and it was a good club to beat Microsoft over the head with to get favorable license pricing for Windows XP.

Hell, even the Linux-based MIDs from Intel are being bashed. JKK of jkkmobile stripped the native Linux browser off his Aigo MID and installed Firefox. The experience is superior to the one he got out of the box. The mystery, of course, is why the hell Firefox wasn’t on it to begin with! See JKK’s video here.

And let’s get something straight here, all you people who flock here to read just one post: I’m no fan of Microsoft or Windows XP. Let this sink in too. And this.

Linux: The Best Reason For Windows XP

October 21, 2008

Wayne MacPhail recently bought an Acer Aspire netbook with Linpus Linux Lite on it.

He was quite pleased with it in the beginning. His tweets were happy.

Then he tried to actually get more stuff onto the device and hit the wall today.

Wayne is a tech-savvy guy too. He’s doing a course that includes live streaming video, online coursework and discussion, the works. All of that stuff he set up on his own.

So for someone with some tech savvy like him to give up — well, that says volumes.

I have my own Linux scars, from the Nokia 770 Anti-Internet Tablet.

You couldn’t pay me to touch Linux ever again.

Now stripping Windows XP off one of these netbooks and installing Mac OS X — let’s go!

Blog Notes: Sony Reader Part Three Delay AGAIN!

October 6, 2008

If I decide to do another blog after this one is put to sleep on 12/31/08, one thing I’ll have to be mindful of is to not pick a topic that’s going to grow like a goddammed aggressive cancer as the year progresses!

That’s what’s happened with my posts monitoring the economy.

What began as the fifth post on January 1st has grown to consume entire days.

Why can’t I get more non-Doom posts done?

It’s because of Microsoft.

This PC becomes increasingly hobbled with the passage of each day. Things I used to be able to do with sleek aplomb I can no longer do.

Just about everything I try to do has a multi-second delay running interference.

Posting is slower than it used to be.

Trying to edit a photo just about requires shutting down Firefox completely!

Trying to upload photos to both the WordPress blog and the Blogger backup blog is almost a heart-attack-inducing experience. Sometimes it takes up to thirty seconds for the file directory dialog to show me the photos! No, the hard drive does not spin during this. The entire PC acts as if it has been put into a state of stasis! No life at all. Except the sounds of my VERY LOUD SCREAMING at it.

Even trying to save something as simple as a screensnap has become hellish. I go to the Start menu and click on Paint (it’s nailed there). Seconds go by … and no Paint! I click on it again. Seconds pass. I scream!!! I get two instances of Paint!

Then when I tell it to save the BMP as a JPEG, I get the thirty-second file selector delay kicking in!

This shit is killing my biological incarnation.

Bill Maher has his New Rules.

I’d like a New Rule: For every multi-second delay I experience on this PC, someone at Microsoft should drop dead!

So now you know why Part Three is not appearing today.

And no, don’t tell me I have a virus or something. I’ve scanned the shit out of this PC. Had the Registry deep-cleaned. Nothing, nothing, nothing has helped.

So, all you smiley-smiley Microsofties who pollute the world with your utter shit — start dropping dead!

Celio Redfly: Still Not V.D., But Now $199

September 25, 2008

Celio Redfly On Sale for $199

The Celio Redfly mobile companion has just been reduced to $199 in the PalmInfocenter store. Celio Corp is running a seed unit program offering the device for just $199 for a limited time. The Redfly connects up with your Windows Mobile smartphone over USB or Bluetooth to give you a larger keyboard and an 8-inch 800 x 480 pixel screen, all while utilizing the same apps and memory from your device. It also packs in a 4,500 mAh battery which typically lasts 8 hours and can also recharge your smartphone.

The Redfly people explain:

Celio Corp is running a seed unit program offering REDFLY to enterprise customers and individual users for just $199 – but only for a few weeks. That’s 50% off the normal MSRP of $399! After October 31, 2008 the price on the REDFLY will return to $399.

Why on earth are we doing this?

Well, a bunch of us were sitting around the conference room table early this week discussing how once someone actually tries a REDFLY for a few hours, they just don’t want to give it back. We also find that once someone has a REDFLY in their hands, they tend to do a lot of word-of-mouth marketing for us.

So, we thought, “Why don’t we take part of the marketing budget for a few weeks to subsidize a special seed program? That way we can get a large number of units out into the market, seed some mobile enthusiasts and get them to help spread the word by showing REDFLY to people.”

Emphasis added by me.

At that price, if I had a Windows Mobile compatible phone, I’d be real tempted.

I have to hand it to them for their thinking. I wish more tech companies thought like that!

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Quote: Elizabeth, On Using Windows

September 21, 2008

Why I am switching to Mac.

Being a Windows user reminds me a little bit of being chronically ill.

Yes! That sums up my ongoing Windows XP experience perfectly! Brilliant!!