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Leverage: The Bank Shot Job

December 31, 2008

The usual yelling at you: If you haven’t yet caught up with Leverage on TNT, you’re depriving yourself of the best new TV series of 2008.

Roll credits:



















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Interster Episode Two: Saboteur

December 31, 2008


The basic story is this. Earth is testing a new Star Cruiser, the SK Woltemade, that has a powerful weapon.

The Krokons are still intent on gaining inroads against Earth.

Buks de la Rey is assigned to personally deliver orders to the Captain of the Woltemade because Professor Zed thinks communications lines are being spied upon. We are introduced to a robot named Pikkie who insists he should accompany De la rey as Lieutenant Buys has come down with Mars Flu. De la Rey tells Pikkie to stay on Earth.

The Krokon Prince goes to that fixer of all things, the slimy Gorman. In exchange for some concessions (as usual!), Gorman agrees to plant a saboteur on the Woltemade, to cause it to plunge towards a nearby star. When the crew have been overcome by the heat, the Krokons can move in and tow the ship away to disassemble it for its secrets.

Pikkie stows away on De la Rey’s ship against orders. Also on board was the saboteur! In a neat little twist later on, the stowaway Pikkie kills the stowaway Saboteur.

Pikkie also winds up doing a spacewalk to save the life of Buks de la Rey.

Now onto over one hundred screensnaps!

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I Get A Request To Provide … Leverage!

December 30, 2008

I got a Comment:

hello well done man…how do u get the stills soo soon? big fave my friend HOLLIE plays that red head in the beginning and well i play the gang banger my name was bruiser i get punked and fall to the floor on the alley way ….id it possible to show or post it? i’m the one with the white bandana :)
thanks a mill
jaime zevallos (II) imdb

I hope I got the right guy here!

If Jaime played the part throughout, that’s him on the right here:




The Priest nails him in the shoulder.

Then later, it’s him in the center, rear, in checkered shirt:


And him at the left:


And if I got the right guy, this is Jaime:






Getting nailed in that shoulder again — by Hardison(!):










And two more screensnaps of Hollie:



Leverage is on tonight, Tuesday, on TNT at 10PM EST! Watch it!

And you can catch up on the best new TV series of 2008 by watching full episodes online at TNT!


You know there’s nothing going on at work today. So put all that fine fast bandwidth to some good use!

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TNT’s Leverage: The Team

December 29, 2008

The introductory character titles I couldn’t show in my original post because of the funny revisionism they did with Parker. That would have been a spoiler.








All this for three reasons:

1) You should be watching the series: TNT Tuesdays at 10PM EST

2) In case I’m not able to post this week’s episode on Wednesday

3) To get you to go to producer/creator’s John Rogers’ blog to read the latest post about the series.

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Gerry Anderson: Still Screwed By ITV

December 29, 2008

Gerry Anderson – ”ITV Has Not Supported Me” wmv

Gerry Anderson interviewed on ‘bbc breakfast’

They just did a retrospective of Thunderbirds — showing All About Thunderbirds again — and kicked off a repeat of the entire series itself.


Not on ITV, which owns the series.

How fucked-up is that?

Doctor Who Christmas Special 2008: The Next Doctor

December 26, 2008

Right, if you did not watch the minor spoilerage in the later BBC trailer here, do not go further!

If you did see that trailer you can go ahead and click through with this guarantee: NO spoilers ahead!

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Interster Episode One: Proxima Clash

December 26, 2008

I got an absolutely amazing Christmas gift from a reader in South Africa who spotted — and then bought — the DVD boxed set of the very rare TV puppet series Interster.

He digitized and uploaded the first episode for me to see!

And he’s posted the URL for everyone else to get it too.

Ordinarily, I wouldn’t approve of this. Creators should be paid for their work.

This is an exception on several counts:

1) It is 99.9% unlikely this will ever be sold outside of South Africa, so no royalty money is being stolen here

2) Currency exchange rates make it prohibitive to buy internationally

3) There is worldwide interest in this series from fans of Gerry Anderson‘s Supermarionation TV series

In additional to the download, the reader has now started an Interster blog where, I’m sure, a great deal more information will be found in coming days.

I hope the interest being shown in this series will prompt the rightsholder to offer the series for sale in the iTunes Store here in America (and elsewhere). I’d buy it! And I’m sure other Anderson — and puppetry — fans will too.

There are some notes about to best view the video as well as over ninety screensnaps with some commentary after the break.

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Leverage: The Miracle Job

December 24, 2008

The usual berating: If you haven’t yet caught up with Leverage on TNT, you are depriving yourself of the best new TV series of 2008.

Episode 4 aired last night and Santa delivered it to me quickly. But I tarried today, so this post doesn’t reflect the early gift I got.

Let me start out as usual, rolling the credits so everyone can take a bow:







A priest is having his church taken away from him due to underhanded land development. How can the team prevent that?

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All I Want For Christmas Is Who!

December 24, 2008


Here’s the Countdown Clock.

And this is FAIL:


Yes, Auntie Beeb, I understand the license fee situation. But still. You offer news for a worldwide audience. Why not let up on the frikkin trailers at least?

Now this looks exciting. Contains a spoiler, though, so maybe you might not want to watch:

I’ll rev up my own International Telegraphic TARDIS on Friday and call it up.

Interster TV Series Now On DVD?

December 24, 2008

According to a Comment I received today, Christmas Eve 2008 in the U.S.A, yes:

Just to let you know Interster Series 1 is available at Musica stores in SA. I bought the the 2 part DVDs in Cape Town yesterday. It is an SABC release.

I hope someone will email me some photos of the boxes to post!

This is exciting news!

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