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Reference: Dubai, The Enemy
Yahoo: Just Say No!
Reference: Online Video Sites
Blog Notes: Possible Mess Soon
Blog Notes: Extra Pages
Let Dubai Know You Are Not Pleased
Apple: Your Gold Aluminum Is Waiting
Chocolate: The Staff Of Life
Today’s Dose Of Human Cruelty
Oil: The Other Blood
What The Internet Is About In One Click
The Fat Fury
MacBook Air Pr0n
The Day Before Doomsday
Superhero Movie Will Make You Laugh
Joost: Crusade
MacBook Air Mini-Fondle
Test Post From iPhone
Blog Notes: Today Off
MacBook Air: Fat Notebooks Lose Self-Esteem!
5-4-3-2-1 Oh-Oh!
The Saint: Opening Theme Visuals
The Return Of The Saint: Ersatz Videos
The Avengers: New And Classic Theme Visuals
Blog Notes: Blog Stats
Scalzi Asks Scab-Picking Questions
Quitting Smoking Can Make You Die
Blog Notes: Super Bowl
IDK Patch
Some Things Are Just So Wrong
Marvel Comics: Some Great Vids
Ken Kutaragi: Your Vindication Nears!
Edgar, The Fount
Nerval, Balzac
They’ll Come To Get Me Now
Information Dominance
Pork: The Other Dead Meat
Indigo Delta Kilo Patch
IDK Is November Oscar Mike Foxtrot Bravo
Meow Meow Meow Meow
Whatever Happened to Those AOL CDs?
Find Your Porcupine And Something Will Follow…
Quote: Steve Salerno
Those Damned Submarines
Mike Cane To Techmeme: Bite Me!
Try That Where I Live
Ebay Is Just Wrong About This
Quotes: Benn Jordan
Is This As Frightening As Someone Thinks?
Million Fag March
The Ultimate Weapon Is Trust
Revver: A Bad Sign?
Vortex-Based Math?
U.S. Dollar Assumes The Position
Quote: Pat Buchanan
The Presidential Candidate You Laughed At
Truths Of Ill Comfort
Defensive Pessimism: Part Of The Real Secret
Barack Obama: Whose Money Is This?
Dubai’s Been Busy
Stop Coming To This Blog For That!
Some CloudBook News: Too Big Screens
Today’s Laugh: Pirate Bay Vs. The Man
Iain Banks Interviewed
Patterson Follows Clancy Into Games
Martyn Waites Sounds Good
The Internet Keeps Secrets From Me
Something Is Just Plain Screwy Here
World War II: Exercise Tiger
Meet Today’s Time Sink
More Writers Getting Screwed
What’s This About Bill Bryson Then?
A Car That Runs On Tap Water
Some Apple Mysteries: Keyboard, Order Trims
Rumored Apple Event: iPod Air?
Sony’s In Worse Shape Than I Thought
Seeds, By Sherwood Anderson
Splogs Must Die
Thank You, Heath Ledger
Dubai: Don’t Go There, Ever!
The L Word
More About Dubai
What If The iPhone/Touch SDK Is Delayed?
You. Can’t. Make. This. Up.
NBC’s Jeff Zucker Sees Post-TV TV And Reacts
The Quote From Hell
Maurice, Are You Still Alive?
Why I Love Asian Movies
Cue My Blog’s Title Picture…
What Do You Know Of The Bible?
Writers Guild: Something Stinks
Perepiteia: This Machine Does … What?
Self-Confidence Vs. Self-Delusion
Tell Them, Wil!
She Will Kill Herself In Less Than 90 Days From Now
CeBit: The Return Of The Selection?
Quote: WGAW President Patric Verrone
They Haven’t Suffered Enough
I Wake Up Some Days To Find The World Has Gone Mad
A Spirit That Can Conquer The World
R.I.P.: Steve Gerber
Don’t Be An iSucker
Reference: Finding Files On The Internets
Reference: P2P Programs
Newspaper Economic Red Zones
Prelude To Total Doom, Part One
Prelude To Total Doom, Part Two
Readius Folding eBook Reader
Goodbye, Middle Class. And Good Luck!
Presidential Campaign V.D.
Steroid Rage? Viagra Failure?
What Country Is This Again?
Did He Ever Fail Any Students?
Ha Ha Ha! Best Buy Cements Its Rep!
Well Now. Look Who’s Being Searched For!
Reference: BeOS Clone Haiku
YouTube Justice: Officer Rivieri Suspended
Writers Guild Ends Strike. Regret Begins Now.
The First Time This Has Happened …
Beware Of The Assfish
TuneSquare Adds Video
Quote: Nikki Finke
Because Their Watermark Pisses Me Off
Gremlins In The Net Works
Give Me Back My Mind!
Today’s Oprah: Women And Money
Reminder: Free Suze Orman eBook
Star Wars Spin-Off Goes CGI
Yesterday’s WordPress Woes
Self-Published Ebook = DIY Or Vanity?
From Worse To Worser
Stopping My Statin
Harlan Ellison: Writers Guild Got Screwed!
HarperCollins Tries Free eBooks — World Laughs.
Quote: Steve Salerno Valentine’s Day Cards
How About, Like Giving Blood To A Bleeder?
Writers Guild Strike: End Notes
Reference: iPod Smart Podcasts
Illegal Blue
That D Word
It’s CloudBook Eve
Simvastatin Vs. My Mind
Go Look At This
FreakAngels Has Begun
Congratulations To John Rogers
TextOnPhone: Why I Hate Kevin Tofel
It’s CloudBook Day! Feel The Regret!
Turn Up Your Speakers For Barry Gray
ABC’s Eli Stone: WTF?
Eli Stone: Why TV Is Dying
Everex CloudBook Delayed Again?
How To Kill Yourself With One Meal
But … Rats Aren’t Humans!
Officer Rivieri Fails Again
Did Sodom & Gomorrah Have Hot Blondes Too?
Welcome To Rome, U.S.A.
iPhone Developers: One For You To Make!
Some CloudBook Updates
Men Are From Mars, But Don’t Mess With Venus!!
Today’s YouTube: Haunting Melancholy
Joost: V: The Series
Oprah, Get A Sony Reader!
Memo To Steve Jobs: People DO Still Read!
A Bunch Of Ebook News
Sony Reader Can Be Bought In Spain!
iPhone/iPod Touch Can Be A Piano!
Boycott eBay This Week
Video To Kill Suit TV
The Best Car Ever Ever Ever
Wikileaks Shut Down!
I Was Here. WordPress Wasn’t.
Some More CloudBook Notes
Dubai Continues Its Madness
Druggies: See Your Future
Steve Jobs: Invite Me! Me! MEEEE!!!!
Simvastatin: This Happened To Me Too!
New Category: Statin Drugs
Microsoft Shuns Moon. Wants Universe.
Two People With CloudBooks
American FAIL: The Next Generation
NBC Hastens The Death Of Suit TV
Zucker’s NBC Will Look Just Like This
The Mother Of All Meltdowns
What Happens When Food Is Short?
CloudBook News For Wednesday Feb 20
I Take Time Out To Torment James Kendrick
hp 2133 Vs. Palm Foleo
hp: The 2133 Needs A Slick Name!
Reference: Subnotebook Dimensions
WTF Is Up With Techmeme?
hp: Give Us XP For The 2133!
Things Happen In The Rest Of The World Too
Sliding Friction: A Free PDF
There’s Always More To Read. Always.
ABBA!!! As Puppets, Baby!
CloudBook: Almost Here …
Simvastatin Made Me Insane
NYPD Denies Online Journalist Press Pass
I’m No Fan Of The Kindle. Nor Is He.
Something More Not To Like About This Election
Reference: iPhone Ringtone Software
FAIL: Sony Spent $3B To Kill HD-DVD
MacBook Air Teardown
No Tomorrow In Japan
Reference: RepRap
Fifty-One Seconds Of … What?
Statin Drugs: Survey
Statin Drugs: Pain For Nothing
Acinetobacter Infection
The Price Of Justice Is Sometimes Looking Stupid
FreakAngels Issue Two
Goodbye, Detroit
CBS Puts Twilight Zone On Net
Someone Has Ripped Me Off
The Ultimate Mid-East Terrorist Is Already Here
Blogging Resumes In About An Hour
And …
Happy Endings In Real Life
Statin Drugs: More Better!
Old Photos Frustrate Me
I’m Infecting You
Harlan Ellison (Again)
Blog Notes: YouTube Overload
Any Month Now, The Real Final Death Of Palm
Why Do People Catch Up To Me Later?
Apple “iSDK” Late?
Wal-Mart Does Not/Does Have CloudBook In
How To Spot A Time Traveler
Now I Can Vote This Year: Nader Is IN!
Blog Notes: Still Here
Statin Drugs: Jarvik Ads Withdrawn
To Name Three: McCain, Hillary, Obama
More Housing Doom
Those Happy Pills
Well, Like, You Know, DUH!!!!, OK?
Cue The New Drug
Yahoo’s New Buzz
Here Comes (The Google) Depression 2.0
Good Riddance In Guantanamo
Statin Drugs: Does V.P. Dick Cheney Take One?
Ever Read Any Muslim Articles?
Dubai Tries A PR Gambit
A Slow Leak Is Better Than A Pop
Stagflation: That 70s Show
Indeed These Are The End Times
The Worst Buzz Term: Food Security
What Would You Do For Money?
BC Wasn’t So BC (Before Computers)
Nobarbies! En Vivo! Crank Those Speakers!
Stage6 Hammered
Stage6: Space Precinct
Stage6: Into Infinity
Stage6: Star Cops
Stage6: Rare Space:1999 Footage
Stage6: Extremely Rare Double Deckers
Stage6: Century Of The Self
Quote: William F. Buckley Jr
Happy Birthday, Ralph Nader
Stage6: New Captain Scarlet
Stage6: Star Fleet AKA X-Bomber
Stage6: British Mysteries
Stage6: Very Old Cartoons
Stage6: Space Hospital
Blog Notes: Technical Botch
Stage6: The Dregs
Chantix Warning
Oh. My. God.
Oh My God, The Irony
A New Episode Of Space Hospital!
Exxon Can’t Hide
Ralph Nader’s Big Birthday
“The Bene Gesserit Witch Must Leave!”
Run To Stage6: It’s Still Up!
Weasels, Part One
Weasels, Part Two
Weasels, Part Three
Why You Should Be On Veoh
Statin Drugs: No Blood
Wikileaks Update
FreakAngels Issue Three
The Food From Hell Is Not Available
Stage6 Says Use Veoh!
Now This Is One Handheld I Want!
Gravity Has Grain!

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