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The ABCs Of This New Blog
1/1/08 Reading
U.S. Dollar Versus Euro
And Now A Word About Our Future…
Quote: Blair Warren
A Devastating Critique Of TV News
The Urgency Of eBooks
Has Sony Just Lost Its eBook Battle?
ThugLit #23 Is Now Out
Barry Eisler On Lies And Fake Truths
Reference: Dreams
Reference: Great Depression 1.0 Timeline
The Two Trillion Dollar Spree
What Newspapers Have Come To
Why I Have My Blog Title Picture
What I Look Forward To In 2008
Redfly: No, It’s Not V.D., It Just Sounds Like It
Hello, You Honest Sucker!
Teh Doggz Wnt Eekwil Time
A Deadly Dozen
Murray Gell-Mann Talks About Beauty And Truth In Physics
A Wee Change Here
1929 Meets 2009
Why Is Anyone Surprised?
Exactly What Is Important Enough To The Police?
Who’s Flogging Their Work Online?
Wil Wheaton Drives A Nail Into My Future Coffin
In The Future, Will The Obese Eat?
Just What Kind Of Blog Is This, Cane?
Video Vitamins For Our Souls
BBC Four: All About Thunderbirds
Will New eBook Readers Finally Change The World?
Director David Lynch Scrags Pocketable Video
History Is Sometimes Cruel Like This
I Heart Johnny Poison
The Horror Of The Minisode
Everex Cloudbook: The Asus EeePC Killer?
Writers: Laugh Last, Laugh Best
Sony’s Got Something Big For Their Reader
What’s Going On With Sony And Its Reader?
Print Publishing Is In Self-Destruct Mode: eBook S.O.S.
You Need To Hear Them
Sony BMG Music: DRM-Free And IQ-Free
Oh Look. You Won’t Be Getting Any Work Done Now.
Ebooks Are Now
I Hate Nazis
The Dark Age Before Xanadu
Johnny Poison Was Right About CES!
MacWorld 2008: All About Portability
Cars Of The Future: Lose Weight Or You’ll Walk!
uncov: Truth 1.0 In A Web 2.0 World
Trent Reznor Meets Real Life And Weeps
Sony: I’m Not Alone
Two Interesting Quotes
Ancient Animation
The Future: Thin Money, Fat Americans
Judie Lipsett Says It Best
The New School: Saul Williams Vs. Trent Reznor
Giving A New Meaning To “Cloud” Computing
Does Apple Want To Be King Of Ebooks?
Today’s Oprah Is Worth Watching
The True King Of All Bloggers
Empty Minds Filled By Advertising, Movies, TV
DIY Book Marketing
Hollywood’s Worst Nightmare: Obsolescence
Masters Of Greed Enslaved By Greed
Interster Still M.I.A.
It’s The Amazing Kreskin’s Birthday!
Free Short Story From Max Barry
Doing My Bit For Sexual Equality
The Three Most Romantic Moments In All Of Film History
Video To Eat Your Weekend And Scare You
You Do Not Want To Read This Post
Photos: Bar Signs In NYC
Photos: Death By Parakeet
Photos: She Lost The Will To Live
Photos: I Fear For My Country
Photos: The Fish From Hell
Blog Notes: Comments Are Moderated Here
The Future Of The U.S. Economy In One Picture
Blog Notes: Modified Title Banner
Dialog Of The Day
David Rothman Hearts His XO
Reference: Flash Video On iPhone
iRiver Ebook Reader?
It’s Sunset In America
The Internet Is A Harsh Copy Editor
Fake Fear, Real Fear, Utter Terror
Steve Jobs Has An Assassin En Route To Me
Let’s See How MacWorld Went, Shall We?
Subprime Nation
Does Borders Know The Sony Reader Exists?
Steve Jobs Will Be Paying Many Assassins
The Pursuit Of Things
Today’s Front Pages, Tomorrow’s Headlines
Steve Jobs Is Up To Something. Probably Big.
James Kendrick’s Brain: Fail!
Buy Now, Pay Later. Now Is Later.
Selfishness Is Its Own Enemy
Titanic Economy Meets Iceberg
The Bottom Is Deeper Than Anyone Can Imagine
And Then The Thing Happens
The Roadrunner Won’t Run
Today’s Front Pages, Red Zones
R.I.P.: Bobby Fischer, Chess Champion
Hello. Welcome To Stock Meltdown Friday.
No Sympathy 101
01/18/08 Reading
Reference: NNDB
Reference: Herbert W. Armstrong’s Prophecies
Alan Greenspan Knew The Truth…
More About Trent Reznor And Saul Williams
So How Did Meltdown Friday Do?
J.K. Rowling: A Year In The Life
Why Apple’s Design Is Excellent
Joost: Stand By For Action!
Ben Mezrich Knows How To Tell A Story
1960s TV: The Champions
Brian Clemens: Thriller
Gerry Anderson Supermarionation TV Ad
Raumpatrouille Orion: German TV’s Space Patrol
Macbook Air Vs Everex Cloudbook Vs Sony Reader
Blog Notes: Don’t Even Try, Spammers
Economic Whiplash
We Have Nothing To Fear But …
I Eated Yur Likwiditee
Reference: Map Of The Market
Meanwhile In The Real World …
The Question Everyone Is Afraid To Ask
R.I.P.: Heath Ledger
They Just Took Away My Food!
The Secret History Of The PDA?
Everex Cloudbook: The Guy Behind The OS
The Latest Bulletin Of Financial Doom
WordPress Goes To 3GB Free Image Storage!
Warren Ellis, Terrorist Gardener
Bird Flu Has Popped Up Again
The Cure For Gadget Envy
All The Music You Want For Free
Math Was Created To Humble Us
Is Apple’s Tablet The iPod Air?
Morrissey: You Have Killed Me
Nick Leeson Shrugged
It’s Not For You To Know, So Don’t Ask
iPhone/iPod Touch Will Have The Greatest Apps Evah!
They’re Singing, Bye Bye Miss American Pie …
Author Pirates Self To Increase Sales
Nick Leeson Speaks!
All This URL Are Belong To Me
Never Ask
Reference: That Damned Windows SVCHOST.EXE
Today’s Economic Red Zones
The iPod Touch Question I Didn’t Have To Ask
I Have Today’s Hawt Post
iPod Air Has An URL Already
Cloudbook: Very Last-Minute Delay
Uh-Oh. Suits Invading Net Video Space.
Will Eisner’s The Spirit To Be A Movie
01/25/08 Reading
In Praise Of The Cynic
One More Time: Apple And Ebooks
Reference: iPhone Web Clip Icons
Victor Gischler’s Next Book
You’ve Never Seen The Ramones Done Like This
Blog Notes: What Brings People Here?
The Disappearing Future
Victor Gischler: Alternate Covers
Why Don’t More People Read?
Bukowski Also Said It
Blog Notes: Unhappy Template
I Miss My Daddy = $7B Fraud
M. Dylan Raskin Interviewed
Important Things Happen Behind My Back
Reference: Ladonia
The $20,000 Zig
Run That By Me Again
John Straley Has A New Book Coming!
Quote Of The Day: Martin Luther King, Jr.
Harlan Ellison
You Go, Ringo!
Your Chance To Own Thunderbird 3!
Music: Free Or Not Free?
Quantum Biology
Something Is Wrong With YouTube
Reference: Michael Ovitz
Escape, Lack Of
01/28/08 Reading
Peak iPod: Has Apple Reached Its End?
I Do Like Me A Good Screed
A Third Low-Cost Subnotebook?
This Blog Could Do With Some Cat
Reference: iPod Touch Blog
CloudBook: February 15th Is New Date
A Quote That Makes Me Sick
Some Statistics Are Depressing
All FAIL All The Time
A Quote To Learn From
FAIL In The Real World
What Big Lie? It Was Bad Math!
Quote Goodness
Twenty-First Century Snake Oil
And I Rarely Grant Appeals
Welcome To My Neighborhood. Got Kevlar?
Reference: Dubai
Oh, NOW He Believes Me!
Asus EeePC: You Can’t Touch It
Reference: Digital TV Deadline
What, You Thought It Was Over?
Does Greenspan Have Alzheimer’s?
ThoughtFix Makes The iPhone-Only Case
CloudBook Rains On Our Parade
Christopher Fowler: Read His Books
Please Do!
FURL Has A New Design
Does Apple Have A Super Bowl Surprise?
eBay Strike: February 18-25, 2008
Everex Nears The FAIL Rail
Does Logitech Have An iPhone Keyboard?
Quote: J.K. Rowling
Amazon MP3 Is No iTunes Store!
First It Was The Bees. Now It’s The Bats.
The Best Reading You Will Do Today
Reference: Science
Quote Fight
The MySpace Factor
Where’s That UFO To Take Me Away?
Robot Toy? Now THIS Is A Robot Toy!
I Have No Title For This One
Sony Has Big eBook News Today
The Three Big As: Apple, Amazon, Adobe

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