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Stage6 Is Now Gone
J.K. Rowling Is Wrong
Stupidity: Is It A Flu?
Reference: Drudge Tools
CloudBook Notes For March 1 2007
Quarterlife Drops Dead On NBC
Even More FAIL From Jeff Zucker
Reference: Michael Ovitz (2)
Greatest TV: The Prisoner
More About That J.K. Rowling Lawsuit
Pizza: Economic Indicator
God Bless The S.A.S.!
Some 1960s TV Themes, Baby!
Crashology 101
Reference: iPhone Jailbreak
The MPAA Has More Than Piracy To Worry Over
Stage6ers: Come Over To Veoh
BBC Three: Dawn Goes Lesbian
AllPeers Shutting Down!
CloudBook Notes For March 3 2007
For The Record: Apple and eBooks
When Will It Sink In That We’re Sunk?
Microsoft Has Achieved Absolute Greatness
The Day Starts Out Bad …
No, I’m Not Kidding
The Long Goodbye
Yet Another Fraudulent Memoir
Fireball XL5: Directing By Alan Pattillo
CeBIT 2008: An Exciting MID Shown
CitiGroup Is Sinking
Big Man Marine Murders Helpless Puppy
John McCain: Unfit For The Presidency
Ralph Nader On The Daily Show Tonight
Dubai Has Let Him Go
I Am Giving You A Test
Quote: Stan Lau At Gear Diary
Wendy’s Shooter: A New American Tradition?
Adobe, Get Off Your Fat …
Reference: Free London Travel Guide For iPhone/iPod
Reference: GyPSii For iPhone
MySpace For iPhone?
Reference: Phun
Internet Imperialism
When One Thousand Means Over Fifty Thousand
Followup: Her Blog Is Dead. Is She?
One More Chance For You
Blog Notes: Possible Curtailment Today
2Peer Is No AllPeers, Dammit
AllPeers: Why Not Charge Us?!
Blog Notes: Meet My Ass
Imported Monster
Courage, Revisited
Final One More Chance
Blow Soda Out Your Nose With These
Blog Notes: Someone Pass Me A Clue
Reference: BBC iPlayer For iPhone
In The Meantime … Some Anti-Obama
The Franklin Credit Union Sex Scandal
Quote: Judie Lipsett Of Gear Diary
Just One iPhone SDK Question …
iPhone SDK: The Big Ouch!
Future Headlines Right Here, Right Now
Economic Evaporation
FreakAngels Issue Four
Really Final One More Chance
Even Dialing 9-1-1 Won’t Help The U.S. Dollar
Michael Savage, Crybaby
Just Say Yes: To Ralph Nader!
Now China Poisons Teeth!
Reference: 1-seg Digital TV On Phones
Go Speed Racerette Go!
Irrelevancy: It’s A Palm Thing
Blog Notes: WordPress Burped
Are Schools Just Pedophile Playgrounds Now?
Meet Jeff Schult (And His Teeth!)
The Answer To The Test
Ralph Nader Tomorrow, March 9 2008, In PA
Blog Notes: Test Answer Post Updated
Decades Of Heroism
Reference: Job Hunting Online
Another Selfish Crybaby
Doomwatch, Part One
Doomwatch, Part Two
What’s Up With That Awful Kindle?
Apple And eBooks: Why The Delay
More About Masha Allen
American Steel: FAIL!
Technovia Calls Reality To Testify
Apple’s Safari And WordPress To Wed
China: Cat Holocaust
Hickory Dickory Dock …
Police Raid Nightclub in South Africa
British Concentration Camps
Reference: Online Video Sites (Again)
New York State Governor Resigning
Video Site Logo: Which One Has This?
Another Iraqi Puppy Meets U.S. Soldier
Welcome To The Internet, Everyone!
God Damn Suit TV
Revenge Effects For Generations
Reference: eBooks
Writer Barry Eisler Interviewed
Free Two Chapters of Harlan Coben’s New Novel
Lord Crumwell’s Oddfellows
A $672 Electric Car
Today’s Laugh
Today’s Second Laugh
Her Dinner With Phyllis Diller
I Never See Weird Things
Spitzer — or Swallower?
R.I.P.: Rocketeer Creator Dave Stevens
Quote: W-h-a-t?
The Coming Death Of The Reading Web
Eliot Spitzer: Closet Crybaby?
The Creepiest Review I’ve Ever Read
Spitzer: The Last Drop
Today’s Headspinner: Writer David Mamet
A Military Crybaby? I Don’t Think So.
Spitzer: A Puppet
Reference: eMule Server List Refresh
Games The iPhone And iPod Touch Need
Reference: One-Page Mac Cheat Sheet
iPhone/iPod Touch Music!
Spitzer’s Liaison D’Amour Outed
Page Six Doesn’t Mince Words
Pottersville, U.S.A.
PalmOS Coming To The iPhone/iPod Touch?
Reference: iPhone/iPod Touch Backup
Quote: Florent Pillet, Palm Developer
Two Thousand iPhone Apps Coming?
iPhone/iPod Touch Games: What I Meant!
Reference: iTunes Store Music Royalties
Quote: Nikki Finke On Hulu
Hey, You iPhone/iPod Touch Owners!
Update On Asus EeePC With XP
iPhone Dev Summit In … NYC?!!?
Like This Is A Surprise?
Apple Will Permit iPhone Background Processes
iPhone Without Camera Coming
Welcome To The Depression 2.0
Some Days I Want To Bash My Head On My Desk
Quote: The Joker
New York Post Publishes Soft Core Porn
Nice Talk, But Will Action Follow?
Reference: Interesting Blog
Statin Drugs: Two Notes
Would-Be Rejected iPhone Devs: Don’t Quit!
In Praise Of Palm Addict
The Chronicles Of Depression 2.0, #001
James Kendrick Describes His Stroke
FreakAngels Issue Five
Another iPhone Test
Test Post From iPod Touch
The iPod Touch Has A Mystery!
Apple Has Magic The Others Don’t
Red Headlines For March 13, 2008
Gasoline On March 15, 2007
The Jackboots Of The CopyNazis Advance
Is Podcasting Dead?
Reference: Google Book Preview
Quote: Jean Rhys
Second iPod Touch Test Post
Test Post From Beta Safari For Windows
More On That iPod Touch Mystery
Quote: “repi”
The Three Companies Apple Should Acquire
Reference: iPhone/iPod Touch Network Test
Found: The Video Site With Green Bug
Fire From The Sky
Cute Kitten Video
The 1960s In Colour: Yeah, Baby!
I Heart Incandescents!
Monday’s Bad News Begins On Sunday Now
DOOM! Do You Get It Now? DOOM!
The Mantra Of 2008, An Update
New iPhone/iPod Touch WordPress Test This Week
Drudge Report Is Watching
New Category: Depression 2.0
The Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #002
Blog Notes: Comments I Delete
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #003
Chronciles Of Depression 2.0: #004
Chronciles Of Depression 2.0: #005
Iz Hiz EeePC
Quote: Nikki Finke (Again!)
Everex CloudBook At Circuit City?
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #006
MSI Wind = hp 2133 + Foleo?
Don’t Touch His Lucky Charms!
Quote: Warren Ellis
The Posters of Scorsone/Drueding
What Is “Cool”? This!
Lincoln, FDR, Nader
Just Tripped Over This
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #007
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #008
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #009
R.I.P. Ola Brunkert
Oh Noes!! A New WordPress?!
Reference: WordPress Mobile URL!
Blog Notes: Blog Title Now Appears
Help! I’m Being Swallowed By WordPress!
Digital Water
Another Reason To Vote For Ralph Nader
Wet Circuit Is Fixed!
Testing Embedding Of Veoh Video
100 Best First Lines of Novels
iClones of iPhone And iPod Touch
One Of Those Rocks I Looked Under
God Bless The Second Amendment
FriendFeed’s FAIL!
More On The 1KTF Matter
David Rothman Just Saved Google’s Android OS
R.I.P. Writer Arthur C. Clarke
I’m Getting Creeped Out Now
NPR: Miss Shirley Bassey!
Quotes: iPhone/iPod Touch Owners
Redfly: No, It’s Still NOT V.D.!
Is It April Fool’s Day Already?
Free eBooks!
Latest FAIL In eBooks
The Lesson Of Apple Isn’t New, But It Works
“He Was Born Trash,” Pastor Says Of Obama
Follow-Up To That Obama Video Post
Invitation To Pastor Manning
Blog Notes: Off For Several Hours
Test Post From iPhone
Second Test Post Via iPhone
Test Post From iPod Touch
Apple Turns Envelopes Into A New Standard
Blog Notes: Urg
Pastor Manning Asks A Valid Obama Question
Gear Diary Abuses/Touts MacBook Air
How Hot Can A Blog Get?
Borders Catches Cold, Sony Reader Gets Pneumonia?
More Bad For Sony Reader: Kindles Coming
HOWTO: WordPress Posts From An iPhone/iPod Touch
Blog Notes: Email Non-Reply Loose Ends
Contemplate This
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #010
Reference: How To Kill Yourself
Coming Soon To This Very Blog!
This Will Make You Laugh!
My Own Apple Store Testimony
Quote: Matthew St. Amand
Red Room: Social Net For Writers
Long Live The Fighters!
The Net Is Full Of Tech Fiends
BBC: Mad But Glad
HOWTO 2: WordPress Posts From An iPhone/iPod Touch — With Images!
Reference: Blog Tools
Apple: $100 Price Cut Or Free Music?
Free eBooks: iPod and Macintosh!
Some Barry Gray To Boost Brain Cells
Steve Jobs Torments Me
Red Headlines For March 21, 2008
“The Dreams Will Come To You”
iPhone Camera Test
Blog Notes: I Did It Wrong
The Long Tail: A Lie?
The FAIL Of The Asus EeePC
iPhone: What’s The Point Of iTransmogrify?
How To Get A Punch In The Face
Google’s Android OS Now Worth Watching
Apple Now Owns iPod Air Domain
Let Bear Stearns Sink!
Reference: Android Site
Reference: Someone Coding For iPhone
April 1: Truckers Strike?
Quote: Matt Assay
Drop-Dead FUGLY FAIL Phone-Thing
Eggheads: Make Up Your Pointy-Headed Minds!
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #011
Look At Us Online! We’re Diseased!
iPhone App Store: Genres? Uh, No.
Barbie Bandits: The End Update
Reference: The Silent War
End Of World: May 28, 2008
Hey! I’m Not Homeless! I’m A Geek!
Brooklyn Superhero Supply Store
Apple: Computers For Atheistic Pagans
IDG News Service: Please Enter The Future!
Bees Going. Bats Going. What’s Next?
God Damn The 1970s
Blog Notes: I’ve Been Biologically Invaded
Blog Notes: Free Me!
Blog Notes: Oysters!
Update: Reference: Subnotebook Dimensions
Just. Like. That.
Blog Notes: Still Down And Out
Truckers Strike: April 1, 2008
Blog Notes: Recovery?
Your Speakers: Put Them UP!
Century 21 Calling (1964): Online Video | Veoh Video Network
Is The April 1, 2008 Truckers Strike Real?
Red Headlines For March 29, 2008
You CAN Fight And WIN!
Hollywood Accounting (Mal)Practices
They Deserve This Failure
Boycott The 2008 Olympics In Beijing
Others Post FITNA. I Post This.
Quote: Lou Dobbs
Quote: Marko Kloos
Ah, Things Are Better Around Here
Not That I Swing That Way …
No I Wouldn’t!
When Will This Damned Winter END?!!?
Whew. It’s Not Just Me Then.
Question 15 Killed It For Me
And Your Fly Is Open Too!
Reference: Gambling Mind
3G iPhone? Hai! Kitte Kudasai! :: Girls Don’t Cry, One More Day
Watchmen: The Movie
Tech Lust Alert: Asus EeePC Gets Windows XP!
Prank Almost Kills Guy – DoubleViking Video
Wikileaks: More Masha Allen Horror
Greg Palast On The Ugly American Frontline
The World You Don’t See
Statin Drugs: More Fraud
Teh IntarNyet: I Can Haz Addiction?
Truckers Strike 2008: A Search Record Set
Buy A Gun. Buy Ammo. NOW.
We’re Getting There
The Coming Big Bank Grab: Get Your Money NOW!
The Trillion-Dollar Spree, The Sequel
Buy A Gun. Buy Ammo. Part Two.
Truckers Strike 2008: Additional
Stupidity 101: Foreclosure Wreckage
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #012
Chronicles Of Depession 2.0: #013
Tomorrow Is April Fool’s Day
Depression 2.0: Is It Real Now?
God Bless The American Trucker

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