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Blog Notes: Not Dead Yet!
Sony’s Blu-Ray Victory Turns Sour
The Future Always Has One Certainty
Now We Know Why Apple Bought A Chipmaker
Now We Know Why Apple Rejected Flash
Red Headlines For May 1, 2008
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #079
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #080
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #081
Bang! Zoom! To The Moon!
Blog Notes: Into The Black Hole
Blog Notes: Numbering FAIL!
Bizarre Cartoons Make Me Laugh
Blog Notes: April 2008 Contents Are Up
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #082
“Shit” And “Worthless White Nigger”
Was My Brain Screaming To Itself?
That’s Not Supposed To Happen
That’s Not Supposed To Happen, Either
Speakers Up! The Muffs: Sad Tomorrow
How Good Is The Movie Iron Man?
It’s Iron Man Sunday, Baby!
Iron Man: The Legal Viewing
Veoh: The Janitor
Neanderthal Die Off Explained
iPhone Conquers Net, China Conquers iPhone
Pandemic: Who Lives, Who Dies?
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #083
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #084
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #085
Japan’s New Trend: Death By Self-Gassing
You Decide: Greed Or Stupidity?
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #086
But They’ve Given Murdoch Great Footage!
Celio Redfly Gets Some Love
Thanks, Yuppie Scum
The Shame Of New York City
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #087
Game Sale Towers Over Iron Man
Orson Scott Card Rips J.K. Rowling
Beemageddon Is Still Happening
The Day Everything Changed Forever
Lust Object: Lenovo IdeaPad U110
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #088
Truckers Strike 2008: Thieves At Work
Why Democrats Lose
Writer Harlan Coben Shares His Favorite Link Ever
New York City: Anti-American
What Japan Does To Movie Titles
Spotplex, News Aggregator, Goes 404
New Hiroshima Photos
Giant Kendrick Terrorizes World! Flee!
JK on the Run: The Secret Transcript!
NYC Subway: Rats, Mice, And Now Bedbugs
Note To Self, Re: Tech
The Road To Blu-Ray: Criterion Will Tell
UK DIY CCTV Beats Official Police CCTV!
Blog Notes: Testing Something
Help Interrogate MSI About Its Wind!
Blog Notes: Test Over
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #089
MySpace Is Teh Sux
Jane Merrow Is On YouTube!
Blog Notes: WordPress Gone Wild
Quote: gstahl
I Hate You, Raincoaster!
OK, This Is More Like It!
Maybe I’ll Use It Next Year In March
I Can Haz Cheezburger?
MSI Wind: $610 In U.S.?
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #090
Wars And Rumors Of War …
China Understands Food Security. Why Don’t We?
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #091
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #092
Wide World Of Blogging
I’m Mad As Hell, God Damn It!
The Collapse Of Belief
The Very Thought Of Losing Is Hateful To Americans
Illness Mystery In Canada
The End Of Finland
Apple’s Sync Strategy Finally Arriving?
Tonight’s TV: Monopoly!
Anniversary Of John Brown’s Birth
Big Asus e900 Review
Tom Wolfe: Stupid Or Simply Insane?
The Cato Institute Is Always Good For A Laugh
No Speed Racer Noooooo!
Ralph Nader: Activist Presidential Candidate
England Continues To Fall
Micro Fondles: hp Mini, HTC Shift, Asus EeePC
Post Update: Just. Like. That.
Blog Notes: Email Non-Reply Loose Ends
Tax Rebate Buys Gear Diary Geek An EeePC
Reference: Asus EeePC Stuff
“Hello, Dad.”
Reality Scorecard For May 11, 2008
PoeFace : Online Video | Veoh
PAY To See Iron Man, Dammit
In Case WordPress Is Run By Pricks
Two Days Of Posts Moved
WordPress Export File = 7.33MB!
TV Gets The Bottomfeeders
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #093
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #094
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #095
Redfly: I Don’t Get It. It’s Nuts!
Simulposting In Effect From Here On
iPhone Continues To Swallow The Internet
Microsoft’s ULCPC Nazism = Good News!
hp Mini Note: Both PATA AND SATA?
A World Without Slack
Out The Thieves! All Of Them!
Red Headlines For May 12, 2008
Young Writer Success
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #096
Young Writer Polly Stenham
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #097
Blog Notes: What’s TypePad Like?
Your Phone Might Rat On You
Miss One Hundred
Japan Gets Dumb Too
What’s This? iPod Air Next Month?
Follow-Up On That Canadian Train Illness
First Intel MID Priced: Suicidal!
I’m Doing It Wrong
Windows XP SP3
Matthew St. Amand Does It Damned Good
Asus EeePC e900 Vs. Everex Cloudbook: XP
New Captain Scarlet Rarities
Someone At Carlton Must Pay For This Atrocity
The Original Thunderbirds Atrocity
Paging Apple Legal: FreeStyl = WinMob iPhone!
The Quote That Didn’t Happen
Blogging In Stereo
Windows XP SP3 Verdict
Fox TV Hits A New Low In Low
The Trinity Of Hell
Schwarzenegger’s Bingo Budget Bid
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #098
Errr … Day Of The Triffids, Anyone?
Blogger Banner Improvement
Reference: Video Clipping
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #099
eInk eBook Readers: They’re All Dead, Jim!
Redflying At The Borg Hive
MSI Wind Hits eBay In Italy
Update 3: Subnotebook Dimensions
New MSI Wind Photos!
MSI Wind: Photo Of Three Colors
Blog Notes: Blogger Version
Quote: Joanna Stern
A Perfect Subnotebook Accessory?
MSI Wind: Photos Of Black Version
I Said Apple Sync Was Important: Here’s Proof
Nikki Finke Gets Writing Award
Judie Lipsett Turns On Me
MSI Wind: First Look With Video Fondle!
Rocket Man With Jet-Powered Wings
I Make Judie Lipsett An Offer
No Wonder CitiGroup Is In Deep Shit
YahooMail: Redefining Suck
Reference: iPhone/iPod Touch P2P
Quote: Hank Williams
I Hate Eyeglasses!
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #100
Reference: Toilets (Yes, Really!)
Quote: Hordac The Refuser
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #101
Who’s The Pig? YOU!
The Ultimate Unanswerable Question
Tell Me Again, Eejit, How Drugs Only Hurt Users?
Disintegrating England: Soldiers Go Hungry!
What’s Happening To My Links?
MSI Wind: Mad Traffic Here Again
The iPod Air Will Be Better …
Rare 1960s TV: Space Patrol
Gear Diary Does Mobius
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #102
Quote: Peggy Noonan
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #103
YahooMail Is Still Screwed
An Example Of iPhone/iPod Touch Keyboard Lag
aigo/Gigabyte M528 MID: First Review
Reference: iPhone/iPod Touch Backup/Sync
Quote: Joan Collins
Sick England: Happy Slapping
Jeff Schult: New Medical Tourism Site
John Scalzi On Speed Racer And More
Bad Questions To Ask A Transsexual
The Triumph Of The Mediocre Ego
Is YahooMail EVER Going To Be Fixed?
The Social Table: The Coming Horror
Smile U Dumbo
More Made In China Horror?
Remember Newton? No, Not The PDA!
Iceland: Greed Capital Of The World?
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #104
A Mission From God. Which God?!
The Great Internet Self-Delusion
I Accuse YahooMail Of Deliberate Delays
Dennis Potter, Born This Date
Cor! It’s Felicity Kendal!
Speakers UP! For Ladytron
Brigitte Handley And The Dark Shadows
Gasoline On May 18, 2008
Speakers UP! For Petula Clark
TV Commercials: 1960s Toys
Invincible Iron Man
A Reminder: Homey Still Don’t Play Dat
HTC Advantage Running Google Android OS!
The Daily YahooMail Still Sucks Post
Doctor Who Jumps The Gay Shark
When Signs Are Not Good
The Daily YahooMail Still Sucks Post #2
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #105
05/20/08 Recent Reading
Ad Bastards
Petitinvention: Your Source For Next-Gen Macs?
The Congress Has Deserted Reality Again
Writer Richard Herley Gets Bad News
Truckers Strike 2008: TRUCC Act And Crime
The Lowdown On LifeLock
Thank God It’s Not Gareth Roberts!
Quote: Rob May
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #106
The Daily YahooMail Still Sucks Post #3
CopyNazis Attack Redlasso
James Kendrick On Microsoft Windows Vista
Will Nokia Finally Buy Palm?
YouTube Video Embed Options Test
Nokia: We Already Have Your Money, So What?
I Must Walk The Earth
The Asus e900 Crushes The HTC Advantage
Weather For Suicide
Cheap, But It Made Me Laugh
Stupid Alert!
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #107
Gasoline On May 21, 2008
What eChanges Will High Oil Prices Bring?
I Am Surrounded By Assassins!
The Daily YahooMail Still Sucks Post #4
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #108
Forty Seven Minutes That Will Expand Your Mind
Top Ten Searches That Led To This Blog
Writer Steven Poole Gets Bad News Too
The Daily YahooMail Still Sucks Post #5
Nokia: Oops! We Can’t Shaft You After All!
R.I.P. Writer Robert Asprin
Laptop Mag: Wee Video Cam Face-Off
Picture Of The MSI Wind’s Insides!
R.I.P. Artist Will Elder
Speakers UP! For Scarlett Johansson
Apple: You’ll Get It When You Can Sync It?
MSI Wind: Dissection Photos!
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #109
I Knew Kendrick Had A Web Of Sub-Fiends!
Customs Agents Added To CopyNazis?!!?
Memorial Day 2008
I Live In Jules Verne’s Nightmare Future
Gasoline On May 26, 2008
Quote: Mary Lou Jepsen
The Daily YahooMail Still Sucks Post #6
The CopyNazis Multinational Grab
Your Gums Can Kill You
Statin Drugs: What You Must Know
So Much For Food Security
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #110
NYC Rent Insanity
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #111
Truckers Strike 2008: Protest In England
Dame Shirley Bassey: Get Well Soon!
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #112
The Ropes: Free MP3 Single!
NYC J&R: Asus e900 Out Of Stock!
Asus e900 Versus MSI Wind
The Usual Techmeme Scam
Keyboards: MSI Wind Vs. Asus EeePC
Ton Of New MSI Wind Photos!
Holy Freakin Cooling, Batman!
HKPUG Meeting Video
MSI Makes Me Gnash My Teeth!
MSI Wind: Skins Available?
Sony, The New Titanic?
Android: Show Me The CC&P!
Oh. The World Ended Today. Did You Notice?
Razorbook 400: US$299.00
Update 4: Subnotebook Dimensions
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #112
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #113
Android Mania!
WordPress Was FAIL For Ten Minutes
Quote: KokuRyu & jscott
WordPress Is Still Unwell
They’re Heeeere
Writer Mark Billingham On eBooks, More
Gerry Anderson’s UFO
If An Earthquake Isn’t Twittered, Did It Happen?
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #114
The Deserved Fall Of General Motors
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #115
And I’m Back!
Meet, Support Ralph Nader For President!
Mind-Reading Computer? FAIL!
Wherein I Threaten MSI!
R.I.P. Harvey Korman
Nikki Finke Has Deadly Accuracy
Uh-Oh! MSI Wind With 3-Cell Battery Only?
The MSI Wind Manual!
The Daily YahooMail Still Sucks Post #7
MSI Wind Function Keys
It’s Foleo Day! Did You Celebrate?
Android’s On Fire!
Cyst Removal Has Come far In 25 Years
Blog Notes: Blogger Backup Blog Down
And Blogger Is Back
Note For The Philips Crapcam
Who Hasn’t Emailed Me?
It’s Now All Down To Apple Vs. Google
Apple Owns The Mobile Me Trademark
Quote: David Card
Live jkk & Chippy!
Joanna Stern Makes My Heart Skip A Beat
Fudzilla: MSI Wind Gets Thumbs Up!
Android Devs: Sorry, But Try Again!
Gasoline On May 31, 2008
Photo Album: The Last Of The Philips Crapcam?
Micro Fondle: Lenovo U110, Dialogue Flybook, Asus e900
The Philips Crapcam Is Fatally Wounded
Philips: You Suck And You Cheat!
MSI Wind Video Review From Italy
Writer Nathan Singer Has News
New MSI Wind Blog Has Theme Music?!!?
There’s Only One Choice For President
What A Difference A Year Makes!
Speakers UP! For kIM NOVAk
Month Five Is Dead
Blog Notes: May 2008 Contents Are Up

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