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Asus Vs. MSI: The Battle Has Begun!
A Lost TV Classic: He & She
Apple Has Trademarked A Date
Some Unusual Apple Trademarks
Blog Notes: Views
Joanna Stern Is A Box Office Hit!
Windows XP SP3 Or Malware?
Blog Notes: WordPress Is Groggy
Teleread Is Offline Due To Data Center Woes
Problems Everywhere On The Net?!!?
The Scan That Ate Monday
nVidia Tegra Reference Design
Google’s Android To Conquer By Infiltration?
Greed And Selfishness 102: Tech Edition
Top Stupid Question Of 2008
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #116
I Am Doing Some Phantom Blogging Today
Want Hot Tech News Today?
Quote: Meghan Clark
Here’s A Very Smart Guy!
Veoh Raises More Money
The Three Things People Are In A Frenzy Over
Judie Lipsett’s Henchman FAILS!
We Lost Some History. Did You Notice?
Zemanta, No Thanks
MSI Caves In To My Threat
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #117
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #118
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #119
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #120
The Final President Of The United States
Teleread Is Back Online
MSI Wind At Computex 2008
The Key Buying Factor Of Cheap Subnotes
Note: Read Before Write
American Tech Companies: Wake Up!
OMG! He Used The “A” Word!!!111
Die Microsoft Die! Eat Your SP3 And Diiiie!
Reference: Evicting Windows XP SP3
Blog Notes: Fewer Posts Than Planned
Buh-Bye Microsoft Windows SP3
Department Of Justice: Microsoft Monopolism!
Wow. Great Promotion, Guys. NOT!
No iPod Air Next Week
Jeff Hawkins’ Brain Prediction Model Validated?
Nigerians Pose As Chinese Suppliers
Windows XP – SP3 = Happy Happy Joy Joy
iPhone/iPod Touch Gets vlc. I Plotz!
Where In The World Is … ?
So What’s Up Here Then?
Doctor Who: Silence In The Library
Welcome To The Fat Police State
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #121
And People Are Going To Vote For This Eejit?
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #122
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #123
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #124
Jive-Ass Turkey
Is Steve Ballmer A Cokehead?
Fifty Q&A About Google’s Android
East Coast Corporate Liberal Meets An eBook
Blog Notes: No Blogging Saturday
Red Headlines For June 6, 2008
Laptop Magazine’s Blog Has Crashed
Video: Asus 901 Vs MSI Wind Vs hp Mini Note
Another nVidia Tegra Video
Blog Notes: Go Out And Play
Dennis Potter, Gone This Date
The Night I Called Harlan Ellison
Blog Notes: Doctor Who Calls To Me
Gasoline On June 8, 2008
Doctor Who: Forest Of The Dead
Note To Self: Stop Looking Over There
Blog Notes: Undecided
1,000 Trillion Ops Per Second
The Truth Does Not Set Us Free
I Am Living In The Future
Someone Wants A Beating
Right Then. Time To Fake Impotence.
That Creeping Feeling
Not Me, As Of June 10, 2008
Blog Notes: Murder By Weather
You Can Make Her Happy!
Unworthy Of A Red Headline
Blog Notes: Go Play With Toy #1
The Search For Sense
Blog Notes: Go Play With Toy #2
God Bless The Supreme Court!
Throw This Old Bastard Out!
Puppy Killer David Motari Expelled From U.S. Marines
Blog Notes: Snipshot Test
Another Reason To Be On Veoh
Reference: Live Net Video Via iPhone
Apple’s App Store: Desktop Friendly
Gasoline On June 12, 2008
CBS: Million Dollar Password
The End Of An Internet Era
He’s Not Spoiled. Our Political System Is.
Million Dollar Password – 250K Bummer
A Note About Tech Posts
For All The Outsiders
R.I.P. Tim Russert
The Final Death Of Fake Steve Jobs?
Space Hospital Now Has A Website!
Go Vote Now!
The Mysterious MJ Has Some Good Posts
John McCain: Fascist For President
Ah, Nantucket!
First Apple eBook Device?
AndroidGuys Wonder About The iPhone 3G
U.K. People: Go See The Ropes, London, June 15th 2008
Elephants Dream: I Gasp!
Palm Tricks Me Into Shilling Their Damn Centro
Victor Gischler Wants You Punished!
Barry Eisler Meets John Rain
Blog Notes: Sunday Off
Speakers UP! For Ladytron (Again!)
Doctor Who: Midnight
A Gadget Too Far
I Am The Anti-Date
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #125
Sign The Petition Against Associated Press!
Only Warren Ellis
R.I.P.: Stan Winston
Soul Eater: A Glorious Gallery Of Grand Anime
Here’s A Frikkin Hint
Quote: Troll 2
Nathan Singer’s Latest Novel
Truckers Strike 2008: Trucker Shutdown?
Note To The Psychopath
Writer Peter S. Beagle Does Song
The People Have The Power
The Perfects: Re-Perfected
Writer’s Hell Has Arrived
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #126
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #127
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #128
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #129
What’s Up In England?!
I’ll Have To Surrender My Frikkin Spleen
DreamWorks, Take Two
For That Special Child In Your Life
Quote: Eleanor Randolph
I. Want. This. Book!
Ralph Nader On Democracy Now!
Ralph Nader In NYC Tonight, June 18, 2008
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #130
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #131
Memphis Police Brutality
MySpace Redesigned
You’ve Been Google-Burgled!
Stop Trying To Flatter Me
ULCPC News: Razorbook 400, MSI Wind
Straight-Up Jackasses
Creaky Boards Vs. That Other Band
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #132
iPod Air: See You In September?
06/19/08 Recent Reading
Blog Notes: I’m Outta Here!
I Get Busted!
I Wade Into Shit For Victor Gischler
For God’s Sake, Get eBooks Going, Steve Jobs!
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #133
Just How Much Is Enough For Them, Dammit?
It’s Time For Churches To Render Unto Caesar
CD Sales In Meltdown
I Weep For Cape Cod
Obama-Nader 2008? Never, I Say!
What Is This? Science Fiction?
Obama Will Lose. And Might Already Have.
Right. Let’s Break For Some Cat Good News!
Now Nothing Will Be Restrained From Them
The Long Tea Time Of The UK Internet
Get Your Heart Checked, Dammit!
Mo’ Iron Man!
Gasoline On June 21, 2008
Photo Album: A Strange Pair
Truckers Strike 2008: Albany, NY Protest & More
Free MP3 From The Perfects!
Behold! I Am Mike Cane Again!
Twelve Thousand Dollars An Hour
Speakers UP! For Carly Simon: Let The River Run
I Like This
Doctor Who: Turn Left
It Won’t Save You! You Finns Are Doomed!
Finally! The CitiGroup Layoffs Begin!
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #134
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #135
ICANN Gets Stupid
Doctor Who: Now I Begin To See
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #136
The Man Is Wise. Listen!
D.C. (Comics, Not The Capitol) Re-Org?
The Lever That Is The Internet
Leverage: Coming Soon To TNT
Leverage: The (Leaked) TNT Pilot
Nokia: Their Death Spiral Commences Apace!
What Apple Better Not Miss About eBooks
Asus EeePC 900: Multi-Touch Driver Update
That Foul Day Has Arrived
Quote: Rob May
Reference: For Writers, For Readers
I’m Stunned
Scum Sham Government #1
Scum Sham Government #2
Globalizing Copyediting
Has Microsoft Heard Of A Flowchart?
Video: eBooks On iPhone/iPod Touch
Mobile Blogging App For PalmOS Phones?
I’m Stumped For A Headline Here
Speakers UP! For Moby
The Internet Of Bullshit
Sony’s Strange Strategy
ICANN, You Eejits!!!
TV Networks Are Using A Leaking Service?
Trouble In P2PLand
Today’s Oprah: Women And Money Is Repeating!
Call It “Direct Publishing”
Ralph Nader On ABC’s “This Week” Sunday
Quote: Rod Serling
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #137
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #138
This Is A Depressing Day
There’s Something Wrong Here
Zero Hour
Speakers UP! For Lou Christie
Gasoline On June 28, 2008
ULCPC/Subnote News From J&R
Storm Aftermath Minutes Ago
Everex Has Been Acquired
Right Now On eBay: $299 Cloudbook
Ralph Nader On ABC’s “This Week”
I Can See The Doctor Now
Doctor Who: The Stolen Earth
911 Sixty Years Ago
State Of The Blog

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