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June’s List Of Contents Is Up
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #139
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #140
The New Way To Mask Poverty
I Do My I-Hate-Chicago Dance Of Glee
Space:1999 Fan CGI Video
Not Quite Useful Information
Obama Goes Into Whore Mode
Tying Two Things Together
MSI Wind Unboxing Video
Flashback To ULCPC Buzz
Iran: A Different Aspect
Red Headlines For July 1, 2008
Post-Death Medical Advice For Tim Russert
Christopher Fowler’s New Digs
Typesetting: 1948
Warren Ellis At Chicago Con
A Must For Gerry Anderson Fans
MSI Wind & Asus Eee 901 & Acer Aspire One Video
I Just Threw Up In My Mouth!
I Just Threw Up In My Mouth Again!
Goofball America-Hating Conservatism
MSI Wind TV Ad
MSI Wind = Ten-Inch Screen MacBook?
Blog Notes: Schedule
Doctor Who: The Fires of Pompeii
Now Wait One Damn Minute Here!
Gasoline On July 3, 2008
Doctor Who: Planet Of The Ood
Reference: Doctor Who Episode Transcripts
Doctor Who: The Sontaran Stratagem
Reference: Star Trek TOS & Animated Transcripts
The Police State Has An Anthem
Hancock: WTF Was THAT?!
Doctor Who: Can You Feel The Vibe?!
Doctor Who: The Poison Sky
Doctor Who: Season Four Finale Is Up!
WordPress Inches Towards iPhone
Doctor Who: The Doctor’s Daughter
Doctor Who: It’s Heeeere
Doctor Who: Saw It
Doctor Who: Journey’s End
I Can Feel My Death Being Plotted Out There
Happy Looks Like This
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #141
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #142
Warren Ellis Speaks Truth
Blog Notes: WordPress JPEG Server All Burpy
Doctor Who Confidential #13
Why Microsoft Deserves To Die
R.I.P.: Writer Thomas M. Disch
The Final Internet Words Of Writer Thomas M. Disch
Not A “Twist.” A Cliche!
Quote: Writer Thomas M. Disch
Microsoft Is Dying On Its Own
The Tinfoil Hatters Have The Last Laugh!
And For What?
The End of the World: The Song!
The Ultimate Awful Moment
They Don’t Have It
I Really Have No Frikkin Idea
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #143
They’d Just Shoot Me!
Speaking of Alan Pritt …
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #144
Hey, Veoh: Knock It Off!
Domestic EMF Weapons = Civil War
The Wisdom Of Patrick Henry
The Truest Revolution
Meet Morton’s Fork
Reference: Buridan’s Ass
Reference: Zugzwang
Reference: Condorcet Criterion
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #145
Quote: Stanley Kubrick
Reference: Neu5Ac And Neu5Gc
Doctor Who: Journey’s End Transcript Up!
Leverage: TNT December 2008
Video: MSI Wind And Gigabyte M528 MID
Blog Notes: Bookmarks Rearranged
Windows Mobile, The New Palm OS?
What’s On iPhone: Interesting Posts
Quote: Alex Kac
James Kendrick Is Just So Toast!
Flashback: iPhone 2007
Gasoline On July 9, 2008
What Planet Is Obama From?
Why Doesn’t NYC Have This?
Blog Notes: CD-R Safari
Southern NYC iDay 2007 In 56 Photos!
The Final Death Of Fake Steve Jobs 1.0
The iPhone App Store In Five Fast Steps!
The App Store Must Be Live
iPhone App Store Now Open
How Did THIS Get In The App Store?!!?
App Store: Very Little To Buy!
The Deadly Duo: Stupid And “Sensitive”
Suit TV On Its Last Legs
More Long Tail Debate
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #146
Red Headlines For July 10, 2008
eReader On iPhone: What It Looks Like
No iDay 2008 Here
OMG: WordPress For iPhone
Thank You, Yahoo, Finally!
Calling Alan Glynn!
Red Headlines For July 11, 2008
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #147
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #148
Shut Up.
Why I Added Woot To My Bookmarks
Speakers UP! For Fame X 2!
Harlan Coben’s Tell No One Movie
Christopher Hitchens Gets Waterboarded
The Disgusting Truth In One Image
Doctor Who: Aftermath
Women’s Rights To Rock: Go!
Mumia Abu Jamal Comments On Ralph Nader
Austin, Texas: Meet Victor Gischler TONIGHT!!!
James Kendrick: Tech Fiend Ultimate!
Obama Vs. Nader: Politician Vs. Man
Nader: Rush Limbaugh Is On Welfare!
Ralph Nader: FISA Music Video
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #149
iPhone 3G iFAIL!
Tour Of eReader On iPhone
J&R News: Asus & Sylvania ULCPCs
Nimbus: Banned From Comments
Photo Album: Smart Car In Manhattan
iDay 2008 + 1 = LONG Lines!!!
I Knew It! Kendrick Bought An iPhone 3G!
Ah, If Only It Was So, Allah Be Merciful!
Reference: iPhone 3G Yellowishness
Mister Snitch!
Blog Notes: Weekend eBook Project
Reference: Stanza eBook Reader For iPhone
Blog Notes: Weekend eBook Project Note #1
New One-Shot Blog For eBooks
In Praise Of Teleread
MammothMedia Loses Another Pair Of Balls
Is There A Google Phone Coming?
Photo Album: Smart Car In Manhattan Again!
iDay 2008 +2 = Still Lines!
Gigabyte M528 MID Preview
Video: Smart Car
A Surfeit Of Eejits Is What We Have
At The eBook Test Blog
Memo To Steve Jobs: iPhone Owners READ!
And So The Economic Endgame Commences
Changes At The eBook Test Blog
Red Headlines For Sunday, July 13, 2008
Heads Up: Centaurus Energy
Photo Album: Monday Begins With Hell
Reference: Wired’s Autopia Blog
Does This Sound Right To You?
Badass Batman Smart Car!
The Smart Car Cult
Smart Car: Coast-To-Coast Possible
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #150
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #151
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #152
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #153
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #154
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #155
New Listings At The eBook Test Blog
iPhone eBook Reader Stanza Available
Ominous Rumors
This Is The Moment When …
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #156
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #157
Blog Notes: Bank Collapse Watch
Bank Collapse Watch
We Are So Fucked
Red Headlines For July 14, 2008
Quote: George W. Bush
Free eBook: Hal Spacejock
Free eBook: Publishing
Think You Can Write? Then Read This!
Quote: Mary
Free eBook: Whisky Sour
Yes, I See What Wall Street Is Doing
The World According To Furious D
Reference: Genetic Feedback
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #158
Bank Collapse Watch: Contestant List #2
Charlene Pedrolie
Google Uses The iPhone As An Android Testbed
Living La Vida Mini
There’s A Word For This
Nathan Singer’s Bravura Reading
Read Nathan Singer — Like A Thief!
Accidentally Nuked A Comment
The Web Of Debt Blog
The Wired Are Wired
Blog Notes: Possible Late Start Tomorrow
Freak Me Out
The eBook Test Blog Updated
People Of Earth, Surrender!
Reference: Telomerase-Cortisol Connection
Gee, Ya Think?!!?
Go See Doctor Horrible
Peer At The Naked Face Of Evil If You Dare!
Why So Serious? This Is Why!!
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #159
Fugly MINI Cooper Vs. Cutie Smart Fortwo
Ouch! J&R News About Asus And MSI Wind
Indie Film: Hobby Farm
Enhanced Gerry Anderson
May You Burn In Hell For This Lie!
Putting A Hard Drive In An Asus 901
Doctor Horrible Part Two Is Up!
How To Be Homeless
The Suit Brain — And Why It Must Die!
Quote: Michael Mace
Reference: Create iPhone Ringtones
When An Expert Uses An iPhone
The eBook Test Blog Updated For Thursday
Sidekick Gets A Cease & Desist Order From Me
This Is Why It’s Called The Smart Car!
More Smart Car Videos
Christopher Fowler Cover Development
Earth As Seen By Aliens
Persai Launches As Pressflip
The Return Of The Segway?!
Statin Drugs: Brain Changes?
McCain: Half-Dead And Near Brain-Dead
Rent-To-Own Homes
Stab Stab Stab Stab Stab Stab Die
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #160
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #161
What One iPhone App Dev Spent
iPhone 3G Still Producing Lines!
For Your Dark Knight Collection
Had Your Lunch Yet?
More Of That Non-Existent iPhone Effect
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #162
Stillsuit Weather In NYC
Three eBook Notes
Now Kendrick Is Siccing His ADS On Me!
At Apple Store Soho
iPhone 3g, Baby!
What’s Happened To YouTube On iPhone 3G?!!?
Murder Update
iDay 2008 + 8 = Apple Store Soho Line
Photo Album: Smart Car In Manhattan #3!
Micro Fondle: Asus 901 At J&R
App Store: Remelody
App Store: Tap Tap Revenge
A Death In The Family
Smiley Aryan-Assed Millennium Ripoff
Dark Knightmare
Reference: iPhone/iPod Touch Screen Size
Blog Notes: Where’d The Graphics Go?!
Final Doctor Horrible Is Up!
Blog Notes: Feh! And Bah!
Murder Update #2
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #163
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #164
An iPod Touch Gets pWned
R.I.P.: David Mitton
Reference: iPhone OS 2.0 pWnage
iPhone Wireless Printing?
Palm Addicts: Apple Store China Opening
MSI Wind: Fire Hazard?!
Smart Car Stuff
Batman Extreme
NOW Do You Believe In My Persecution?!!?
Some Other Car Stuff
Blog Notes: Modem Possibly Melting
Blog Notes: Cloggy Tubes
eBook On An iPhone: One Example
Neil Gaiman: Free Sells Books
Factor X: Global Pandemic?
Nokia: A Brand Of Shit
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #165
Bank Collapse Watch: Contestant List #3
Abuse Of The Internet
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #166
Prostate Cancer Pill?
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #167
TechCrunch Wants Your Slave Labor
WordPress For iPhone: It’s Here, But I’m Not!
Drudge Really Milks That Tit
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #168
And So The iPod Air Is Coming After All!
Did Apple Slip PC Users A Mobile Me Mickey?
It’s NOT Lower Prices, You Eejits! It’s iPod Air!
The Reasons Why eBooks Are Next For Apple
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #169
WordPress For iPhone Tested
Blog Notes: Intolerable PC Speed
James Kendrick Is A Cheap Sell-Out!
Tor Has Lots Of Free eBooks: Go!
Blog Notes: Go Away. Scan In Progress.
Blog Notes: PC Is Frak-Free
Blog Notes: Go Away. I Am Testing.
Blog Notes: Test #1 = FAIL!
Blog Notes: Test #2 In Progress
Blog Notes: Another Clue
Blog Notes: Another Day In Windows XP Hell
Blog Notes: The XP War Chronicles
Testing WordPress Image Captioning
Blog Notes: XP System Idle Process
Blog Notes: XP Needs A Beating!
Blog Notes: The War With XP Continues
Video: IBM 75
Blog Notes: XP War Notes
R.I.P.: Randy Pausch
Fake Steve Comes Out Of The Closet
Blog Notes: XP War Rages On
Blog Notes: Is This Joy?
Reference: Downgrading Firefox
Back To!
Bank Collapse Watch: Two More Down
Michael Savage Laughed Out Of Court
You’re All Wrong: It’s The iPod Air!
Quote: Timothy D. Cook Of Apple
New Buzzword: Freegan
Condolences To Michael Connick
Apple iTunes (Store) Trademark Evolution
iPod Air Blog
Reading Books Plummets In Japan Too
Gasoline On July 27, 2008
Your Weekend Smart Car Pr0n
Girl Not Of His Dreams After All
What A Major FAIL In eBooks Looks Like
Is Intel’s Atom CPU Shortage Due To Apple?
Free Almost-eBook From Jason Pinter
Writer Brandon Ford Has A Blog
1984: The Definitive Movie Version
Speakers UP!: Nobarbies
The Difference Between A Fanboy And A Pro
Reference: 100 Book/eBook Sites
Cuil: FAIL!
Red Headlines For July 28, 2008
The US$99 Fake Subnotebook
Reference: iPhone Photo App
Cuil: See? I Said It Was FAIL!
Reference: Smart Car Tips
Quote: Roissy
Roissy Is Today’s Must-Read
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #170
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #171
MagicPad For iPhone: Want!
Sony To Kindle: Up Yours!
Titanic 2.0 Meets Iceberg 2.0
Los Angeles Earthquake
I’m Now On Twitter. Oh STFU!
MSI Wind: Strange News From J&R
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #172
New York State Armageddon
New York State Armageddon, Part Two
Palm’s Colligan: Centro Easier Than iPhone!
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #173
Proposed ALP Phone Gets Dead
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #174
iPod Air: Rotating Dock And Inductive Recharging?
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #175
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #176
eBooks On iPhone: Teleread Updates
Will Apple Use A Pixel Qi Screen?
Reference: MSI Wind Vs. Asus 1000H
Quote: Jim
Suit Bastard Print Publishers NAILED!
Reference: Ancient Computer
Violent Acres Is Today’s Must-Read
Cretinous Corporate Cowardice
WaiWai: The First One I Ever Read
Sony Reader Gets Some Love
No Fun Today, Less Fun Tomorrow
Gasoline On July 31, 2008
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #177
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #178
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #179
OS X: MSI Wind Vs. Asus 1000H
Writer Max Barry Gives A Laugh
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #180
All Writers Must Read This!
Reference: MSI Wind Upgrades Video
An Idea Running For President This Year
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #181
Germany Smoking Ban Banned
The Question I Can Answer

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