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Blog Notes: July Contents Is Up
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #182
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #183
Reference: OS X Backup On USB Drive
Reference: Mac OS X Leopard On Asus EeePC 901
Blog Notes: Bandwidth From Hell
Reference: AA-Battery iPhone Charger
The Kindle Revolution Ain’t Happening
Blog Notes: Short Saturday
The Obligatory Smart Car Pr0n
Badder Badass Batman Smart Car
Fondle: Asus EeePC 1000 @ J&R
Bank Collapse Watch: More FAIL Contestants
Bank Collapse Watch: Another One Goes Bust
Copyright Fascism Helps Kills Copyright Blog
Doctor Horrible Is Still Free, By The Way
Blog Notes: Another Short Day
Writer Larry Beinhart’s Salvation Boulevard
Blog Notes: Connection Problems
Will The iPhone Save Our Economy?
Quote: Seth Godin
Bank Collapse Watch: More About First Priority
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #184
Writer John Scalzi Gives An E Vs. P Lesson
Reference: Creating ePub Files For eBooks
Netbooks/ULCPCs: Sylvania And Lenovo Jump In
Dave Winer Has A Damn Good Point Here
Setting Twitter Followers Straight
Quote: Rupert Oulton
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #185
eBook Signings: The Postcard Solution?
I Sic Stephen Fry On An ABBA Hater
Writer Tao Lin Fights Back
J&R In NYC Has The MSI Wind!
Print IS Dead (Well, To Some Of Us. OK: Me!)
A Spot Of Cable Trouble
iPod Touch: Less Than A Poor’s Man iPhone!
Print Is Dead. So Is Print Culture.
I’m Already A Twitterholic
Reference: BitTorrent Tips
Twitter Truth
YahooMail Is Berserk
Google News Alerts Is A Trap!
Blogger Outage
Microsoft’s Deliberate PC Sabotage
R.I.P.: Eric “Digger” Dowling
Sony Still Shoots Itself In Foot
JK On The Run Ad: WTF Is This?!
A Child’s Horror
Two Excellent Posts For Writers
Jaw Drop Drool Alert: Mac OS X On Asus EeePC 1000H!
MSI Wind & Mac OS X: I Ask The Stupid Questions
YahooMail Woes Again
Reference: Book Publishing Contracts
Smart Car: Panel Swapping
Bank Collapse Watch: Wake Up Call?
Blog Book Tours?!
Damn The LifeDrive
Microsoft Vs. Apple, In Pictures, #1 Of A Series
The e In eBooks = Everywhere
Sony Tries To Do Right To Reader Pioneers
R.I.P.: Simon Gray
Tech Obesity
Another Great Post About Publishing
Writer 2.0
Yahoo’s Robots Are Stupid
Reference: Mac OS X Screensnap
The Dark Future Of The Print Publishers
Writer 2.0: This Might Be 3.0!
Coming: American Revolution 2.0
Reference: Free/Low-Cost OS X Apps
Microsoft: The American Nokia
Quote: Jeff Jarvis
Comic Books (Almost) Come To iPhone
R.I.P.: Bernie Brillstein
A Warning To Cat Owners
Apple Vs. Microsoft In TWO Pictures
Reference: ePub Reader Software
Blog Notes: Short Day
Gasoline On August 8, 2008
Micro Fondle: ECTACO jetBook eBook Reader
Photo Album: Smart Car Pr0n Yes!!
For Warren Ellis
Japanese Manga Comes To The iPhone
Quote: Matt Fraction
Lust Cramp Alert: New Mac OS X On MSI Wind Video!
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #186
Reference: Install Mac OS X Via USB Flash Drive
Videos: Out of the Gutter Magazine Party
The Nazis Never Go Away
Today’s Life Lesson From The Street
Cliff Burns’ Kept To Screen
Do NOT Waste Someone’s Attention!
John Scalzi Wins A Hugo!
Writer Anthony Neil Smith
Writer Derek Raymond
Writer Melanie Phillips
The Multi-Talented Philip Kan Gotanda
Writer Joseph Devon Needs Watching
Writer Christopher Fowler Is Blogging!
Writer Matthew St. Amand
Writer 2.0 Notes: Blog Book Tours
First-Time Writer Winner (And Loser!)
Sony Fumbles Its eBook Reader
More About That ECTACO jetBook eBook Reader
The Last Gasps Of Dying Print
Ed Colligan Has Last Laugh? Saves Palm?
Blog Notes: Brain Dead
First-Time Author Article Is Suspect
Note To Self: How To Reboot Brain
This Made Me Snort
R.I.P. My Sony CLIE S320
Jean-Louis Gassée Has A Newsletter
Ouch! Matthew Miller Pokes iPhone 3G!
Quote: Singer Rob Harvey
Two Tax Tales
Cato’s Corporate Tools Spin The Lies
Focus On The Family: Busted!
Limited-Time Free iPhone eBook
The effPhone
Videos: Mac OS X On MSI Video, Acer Aspire One
Book Screening: All Book Trailers!
Reference: Twenty Free eBook Sites
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #187
Sometimes Free Doesn’t Even Tempt Me
Gasoline On August 13, 2008
Future Cardiac Artery Bypass Winner?
Free Education Tech eBooks
Stunning Color Photos Of 1940s NYC
Damn it, Janet!
Quote: Kontra
What Hath God Wrought?
England: Land Of The Doomed West
New Gas City
Writer Alan Glynn Speaks!
Reference: Crime Fiction
The Non-Evolving View Of Print Publishers
Yeesh! iPhone Becomes PalmOS 5!
Writer 2.0: Book Promotion 2.0
Writer 2.0: Realize Your Investment
China’s Monstrous Buildings
Kindle, Schmindle
100,000 Times Faster Than Light!
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #188
Kindle, Schmindle II
Rare Behind The Scenes Of Major Book
Reference: Computing History
Doing That La Vida Mini Thing
DRM: It Sucks!
Fall Tech Show In NYC
The Charm Of Fairy Tales
Twitter Is Like Xmas Every Day
Today’s Laugh
Technolicious: iPhone + Smart Car!
October: The iPod Touchbook
I Am Internationally Persecuted!
Star Wars: The Clone Wars — The ONLY Review You Need
NOW Would You Vote For Ralph Nader?
Victor Gischler Breaks Under Questioning!
Writer 2.0: Book Trailers
Steve Ditko
Gasoline On August 16, 2008
The Newest Smart Car Pr0n
Micro Fondle: Acer Aspire One At J&R
Gasoline Prices Flickr Photo Set
Reference: Blurb
Gerry Anderson’s Doppelganger
Supermarionation Is Not Easy
Don’t Envy The Tall
Free eBook: Of The Night By Cliff Burns
The Day On The Net Began Like This
Gasoline On August 17, 2008
Someone Doesn’t See Writers As Artists
Reference: SMS Dictionary
Quote: Richard Laermer
OK, Wait. W-H-AAAAA-T?!
Charles Bukowski: Outsider, Writer, Poet
Today’s Must-Read: Love A.D.D.erall
So Who Wrote This Then?
Writer Terry Pratchett Has Alzheimer’s
I Have No Idea
Android Dreaming
Smart Car Gets American Love
Sony Reader Gets Truth And Love
Quote: James O. Born
Quote: Michelle Gagnon
The Emma Peel Of Small Press
Not A Bad eBook Post From Suits
Another Day, Another New Four Asus EeePCs
Orgy Of 133 Smart Cars On One Street!
Blog Notes: Oh Dear God! 2,501
Quote: Gekko
Two Interesting Posts By Rustin Wright
Reference: TypePad Versus WordPress
The High Point Of His Life
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #189
Scholars Ponder Bible Typos
Reference: Manga Scans
Beatings From God
Quote: Ashley Sanders
The Print Dinosaurs Will Starve To Death
Twittersnipes: August 19, 2008
The Laugh For August 19, 2008
Quote: Nikki Finke
Quote: Roissy
Norm Cowie: Free Book Excerpts
Two eBook Posts By Writer Gary Gibson
Writer Paul Auster: Early Failure
Quote: Grandpa Al Lewis’s Mother
Exit Sherlock Holmes
Luiz Alfredo Garcia-Roza: December Heat
John Straley: The Music Of What Happens
Max Barry: Syrup
Online Shakeup At Barnes & Noble
The Fiction Bitch Is No More?
I’m Late To Yet Another Party
Writer Ken Bruen: Fall 2008
xkcd Speaks For Me
Free Short Fiction: Apex Digest Online
Why I Hate Sony Today
Winter 2008: The Big Freeze
Hey, Apple! I Warned You About iPhone 3G Lawsuits!
Twittersnipes: August 21, 2008
It Really IS Mike Cane 2008
Penguin Books Has Head Up Their Ass
How The Law Is An Ass
Well This Just About Explains All Of It For Me
What Do You Use For Writing?
Transcript: Gischler Vs. Smith Live On Twitter!
Note To Self: Does NYPL Have Cops?
My Stomach Curled Up On Me Reading This
Short Film: The Grand Inquisitor
Gasoline On August 21, 2008
Today’s Advice For Writers
No. I Don’t Know.
Today’s Must-Read
Some People Ignore Hints
Today’s Life Lesson From The Street
Free Short Story: The Precog Blog
I Lack But Heart The Math Gene
The Future’s Past Needs An Undoing
Free Book Excerpt: Xronixle
Three For The Victorians
Quote: Writer/Director Eddie Muller
Reference: iPhone Restore Is Dicey
Twittersnipes: August 22, 2008
In Nerd Poker, The Chick Card Always Wins
The Chick Card II: Santa Is My Pimp
That Dying Thing: Print!
Statin Drugs: Cancer Link?
DigitalLife Expo NYC 2008: Dead!
I Heart Wil Wheaton
Look! It’s The Heckle Signal!
eBook Breakthrough For iPhone Comics!
Jive-Ass Turkey Picks Jive-Ass Plagiarist
The Video Will Surface. I Am Patient.
Why I Vote For Nader
Post Revisit: Peak iPod?
Kindle Schmindle III
Writer J.A. Konrath: Brain-Check
Free Crime Fiction: Hardluck Stories
Star Wars: The Clone Wars: O.M.G.
Watchmen: The Feeding Frenzy Is Apace!
Quote: Writer Warren Ellis
Bank Collapse Watch: Number Nine Falls
Tech Design Of The Past
Nuclear Burst Over Brooklyn, New York
Photo Album: Sunday, August 24, 2008
Peggy Noonan: A Brilliant Column
I Watch & Tweet The Rick Warren Obama-McCain Thing
Bryant & May To Continue!!
iPhone Comic Book Reading Site!
Hell Winter Gets Closer, Faster!
The Precog Blog: Part Three Is Up!
Jesus Saves, But Satan Collects Interest!
Writer Stieg Larsson
They Don’t Write These Anymore
The Mystery Of Oscar Mike
Iron Lady Thatcher: Dementia
Brave Move For Happy Hour Is 9 To 5 Book
Reference: Presidential Candidate Skeletons
Writer John Scalzi On Free (To Read) Writing
More Comic Books For iPhone
Blog Notes: 200K+ Views
Yo, Obama: Those Eggs Ain’t Hatched, Turkey
Obama Vs. McCain: Thought Processes
Interesting In New York City
Quote: Writer Neal Stephenson
Twittersnipes: August 25, 2008
Apple Forfeits eBooks By Banning A Comic Book!
Apple And A Tale Of Two Bannings
Print: Dying. And The Net: No Future?
Christopher Fowler Gets His Byline
Apple Trademark: iTunes Plus
One Writer Reveals Her Kindle Royalties
Amazon: New Kindles? We Never Said That!
OMFGZZ!!!1 Sony’s Stringer Has Heard Of eBooks!
Attention Sony! DO IT!!
Twittersnipes: August 29, 2008 (Part One)
Murderdrome: Eleven Years Old!
Free Speech TV: Ralph Nader In Denver
Takiji Kobayashi: Writer’s Revenge
Free Crime Fiction: Plots With Guns #3
Books 1.0
Twittersnipes: August 29, 2008 (Part Two)
Some Gerry Anderson Items
Die And Burn In Hell AGAIN, Microsoft
Gerry Anderson: Thunderbirds, Next Generation?
Today’s Must-Read: New Orleans
Blog Notes: Bookmark Resectioning
The $2.00 Portrait Project
Sweden: Jumbo Jet Hostel
Rhonda Byrne’s Law Of Greedy Attraction
Reference: Closing In On Telomerase
Nanotechnology Toothpaste?
Free eBook: Dr. Weston A. Price

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