Posts I Need 0.5

Posts I Need When I Need Them

Because I’m sick of using Search and I sometimes forget what I posted several hundred posts ago, dammit.

Work in progress. Must run to store to refill caffeination.

God Damn The 1970s

The World You Don’t See
You CAN Fight And WIN!
“The Dreams Will Come To You”
Quote: Jean Rhys
Pottersville, U.S.A.
Revenge Effects For Generations
Another Selfish Crybaby
What? (Bush trashes Constitution)
Courage, Revisited
I Am Giving You A Test
When Will It Sink In That We’re Sunk?
Weasels, Part One
Ever Read Any Muslim Articles?
Good Riddance In Guantanamo
I’m Infecting You
The Price Of Justice Is Sometimes Looking Stupid
NYPD Denies Online Journalist Press Pass
Druggies: See Your Future
Welcome To Rome, U.S.A.
Illegal Blue
What Country Is This Again?
A Spirit That Can Conquer The World
Self-Confidence Vs. Self-Delusion
Something Is Just Plain Screwy Here
Defensive Pessimism: Part Of The Real Secret
The Ultimate Weapon Is Trust
Quote: Steve Salerno
And I Rarely Grant Appeals
A Quote To Learn From
A Quote That Makes Me Sick
Quote Of The Day: Martin Luther King, Jr. (conformity test cited here)
The Disappearing Future
In Praise Of The Cynic
I Hate Nazis
Exactly What Is Important Enough To The Police?
Why Is Anyone Surprised?
And Now A Word About Our Future…

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