Adderall, Take Two

Uh, no pun intended.

Well, maybe.

But these two:

I Need More Drugs

Man, it seems like it’s always something else with me. Excuses, excuses, I know. So the latest reason for not updating my blog is a pretty simple one: lack of drugs. One of my favorite drugs is called Adderall. It’s a pretty cool amphetamine-based prescription drug that allows me to focus more easily than before.


Every day I wake up remembering yesterday–not the recent one that existed when I went to bed, but the more distant variety that died years ago.

I journey backwards inside my head, however far back I need to go, to get back to that place in time when my goals were clearly articulated and yet still seemed plausible.

There in my waking minute—those magic moments of the morning when old dreams are malleable to a new day—things seem reversible. I find hope then, pure and unadulterated, as it looked before it went to cower in the closet; before vague promises that I could be anything fell silent. I miss those promises, laughable as they seem now in a world that rewards creative thoughts only when the thinker commits them to the status quo.

There’s more to both.

Go click and read.

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2 Comments on “Adderall, Take Two”

  1. ry420guy Says:

    Whoa, this is the first Incoming Link I’ve gotten so far. If you are interested in this topic there are two more amphetamine users you should know about.

    1) Jack Kerouac — “The legend behind the writing of Jack Kerouac’s On the Road is well known, if not entirely accurate. Fueled by inspiration, coffee and Benzedrine, Kerouac sat down at his typewriter and — in one burst of creative energy — wrote the novel that would make him the voice of his generation in just 20 days, typing it out on a single, 120-foot-long scroll.” Supposedly Kerouac denied using anything other than coffee during the brief, intense writing session which produced most of the manuscript.

    2) Adolf Hitler — “Soldiers on both sides in World War Two consumed millions of amphetamine tablets. This practice sometimes caused states of quasi-psychotic aggression in the combatants. From 1942, Hitler received daily methamphetamine injections from his quack doctor Morell. This corrupted his judgement, undermined his health and probably changed the course of the War.” The first statement probably explains how the Nazis invaded the entire country of France in six weeks (somehow overcoming the feared Maginot Line).

  2. mikecane Says:

    There was also Philip K. Dick. And, believe it or not, Ayn Rand! She called it a “diet pill.”

    Balzac, however, whose output could kill most of today’s softie writers, depended on caffeine via coffee. I follow in his footsteps, except my caffeine has bubbles: Diet Pepsi. (And, no, it’s not for weight. It’s for the phenylalanine — try that with chocolate!)

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