New York City: Anti-American


What a wretched hell-hole this area is turning into.

Finally clearing out a backlog of MySpace Bulletins (28 pages!), I only learned about this today:

(unfortunately, I don’t have and can’t find a link for that!)

Mike (JB) Schaffner, of www. theamericandriver. com, today announced that New York City has effectively cancelled the convoy in Manhattan scheduled for May 1, 2008.

Spokesman Mike (JB) Schaffner said he was disappointed. “We were set to perform a peaceful demonstration to point out the frustration that working class America is feeling,” he said. “First they approved us. Then they changed our permits for no more than 35 vehicles in the convoy. Now they’ve placed so many unreasonable conditions on the event that it makes it nearly impossible. We’re asking the government of the great state of New York to address this, and the reasons why our freedoms to speak and peacefully assemble are being crushed.”

Brian Osborne, owner of B L Osborne Transport, said, “they’ve effectively shut us down all together.”

Brian Osborne was a major force in the organization of the convoy. “They didn’t give us a reason, but we suspect that they fear fallout after the phenomenal turnout in DC on April 28th. I don’t think Bloomberg wants that much attention. They told us they would set up barricades and roadblocks to stop trucks from coming in.”

Emphasis added by me.

Billionaire Bloomberg is only interested in one thing: Billionaire Bloomberg.

I bet he doesn’t even know the price of diesel fuel in his own city.

It’s four dollars and sixty-nine cents a gallon, you rich eejit!

God bless the American trucker!

The American Driver – From Drivers … For Drivers
– helping to organize the various protest actions

– be sure to see the list of planned events to participate!

Trucker Strike MySpace
– Add as Friend to get all the Bulletins!

Owner Operators United MySpace
– Add as Friend to get Bulletins (the page layout is now better but it has too many elements and loads slowly)

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