It’s Foleo Day! Did You Celebrate?

“In my opinion, the Foleo is going to be the most successful and the most significant product that Palm has done.”
– Ed Colligan

Yes, dear hearts, it was one year ago this very day that Palm unveiled its Foleo!

I can’t think of a better column to read to commemorate this day than this one.

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2 Comments on “It’s Foleo Day! Did You Celebrate?”

  1. Fox Says:

    Truly, thank you for that one. This made my palm morning. The way you set the images and the quotes brings me back and rekindles my sense of WTF when this came out.

    Now I can look back and realize my WTF was dead on and marvel at the sheer genius of these bold claims (he says sarcastically). Palm has yet to cease to amaze at their ability to disappoint.

  2. […] It’s Foleo Day! Did You Celebrate? […]

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