iPhone Wireless Printing?

Wireless printing coming to the iPhone?

Huh? What?

What’s the point? What’s there to print out? And to what?

Is Apple going to release a new portable Bluetooth printer (as hp and Canon have?)?

What about connecting an iPhone or iPod Touch to a Bluetooth keyboard?!!? Once text input can be done, then I’d see a need for a printer.

Yeah, OK, all the photo addicts will tell me they want a way to get hardcopy of the pictures they’ve taken with their iPhone camera. But … why?! Even for that, I’d want to see some sort of basic photo retouching app (you know, kill red eye, brighten, fix contrast, scale).

Wait: You mean people will want to print out, say, Google maps or directions? Yeesh!

Leave a Comment if you see a use I’ve missed.

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4 Comments on “iPhone Wireless Printing?”

  1. bdot Says:

    how about printing a pdf document for a client to sign?

  2. mikecane Says:

    Good one.

  3. Michael Lafreniere Says:

    I wrote an App for myself so I can input customer details and record what I’ve done (service work) and parts used etc. Only problem, no way to print out an invoice.

    I agree, for most people its wasted. But the iPhone is a handy device for other things then just photos.

  4. Mike C. Says:

    As a trucker, I find several app ideas useful such as being able to print an attachment like a pdf, email, Bill Of Lading, or invoice, printing out a maintenace record from an excel sheet right to a bluetooth copier/printer right in the cab without breaking out my computer. A device such as this could eliminate the need to carry a laptop with internet connection. If HP can print out a picture wirelessly to a printer, they should be able to print documents no problem…..

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