Reference: MSI Wind Upgrades Video

Upgrades to an MSI Wind

This is an MSI Wind subnotebook which is running leopard 10.5.4 from a single custom installation disk.

An interesting video that shows how to upgrade all three components: RAM, hard drive, and WiFi card. Replacing the WiFi card apparently seems to be necessary to enable WiFi under OS X.

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5 Comments on “Reference: MSI Wind Upgrades Video”

  1. bostonirishguy13 Says:

    I’m tempted to try this.

  2. mikecane Says:

    Do you have a Wind or are thinking of buying one? Opening it up voids the warranty. If I get one, I wouldn’t care because I’d strip of that loathsome XP and put OS X on it (yes, Apple, I’d *buy* OS X and violate your EULA. Kiss My Ass!).

  3. bostonirishguy13 Says:

    Yes, I have a black Wind with XP (and the crap 3-cell battery). Still waiting to buy a 6-cell battery (OEM or third party). I also have an Eee 901. Maybe I’d have been better off with the 1000H, but it comes close to the size of my TZ150. I have a MacBook Air, but it doesn’t get lots of use. OS X on a wind sized footprint would be sweet. Or I should have skipped them all and waited on the Dell. lol

  4. MJS Says:

    Did this on my Black Wind – 6cell.

    It takes about 1.5 hours and works flawlessly if you follow the directions. Get the dell 1490 wireless card (about $10 on ebay) and the wireless, though a pain at first, works within about 10 minutes. Actually works better than wired.

    Here is ONE problem – wired connections do not Auto DHCP after wake up from sleep. Not much info on that out there, but setting a hard-coded IP – all works well.

    Only thing I don’t currently have working is blue-tooth, but no time to try.

    Been running OSX for about 6 days now, getting 5-6 horus of battery, performance is awesome.

  5. mikecane Says:

    >>>wired connections do not Auto DHCP after wake up from sleep

    I had to go to wikipedia to look up DHCP (that’s the kind of non-techie I really am!) and am still confused. If there’s the IP info already in the Wind under OS X, are you saying it’s lost? For example, this PC is via ethernet to a router to a cable modem. It’s IP address remains the same (unless I release/recover). Same with the Wind? I suppose what you mean are more ad-hoc Net connections, rather than a permanent at-home/at-office setup?

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